Lyndon LaRouche Organization Backs Hillary Clinton

The Executive Intelligence Review is the premier voice of the Lyndon LaRouche movement. See this commentary in its May 23 issue, rejoicing over Hillary Clinton’s victory in the West Virginia presidential primary.

Lyndon LaRouche became a Democrat in 1979, the year he dissolved the U.S. Labor Party. He ran in Democratic presidential primaries in all presidential election years, 1980 through 2004.


Lyndon LaRouche Organization Backs Hillary Clinton — No Comments

  1. LaRouche spoke in a TV ad at the start of the 1988 Democratic national convention. He had dandruff on his shoulders.

    When LaRouche went to prison for credit card fraud, his cellmate was Jim Bakker, the televangelist. Bet they had some interesting conversations.

  2. So Hillary Clinton has now wrapped up the Democratic nomination, now that the full force of the NCLC (or whatever it is these days) behind her?

  3. Give me a break. Dandruff? The US is on the verge of self-destruction and Steve Rankin comments that Mr. LaRouche had dandruff. And then he slanders LaRouche by bringing up that fundamental case Bakker. I’m sure your new nazi masters will go easy on you for joining the anti-america side if Hillary or someone who cares about America doesn’t win in November, Steve. NOT. And forget Obama. He’ll be swift boated quicker than you can say terrorist lover (weather underground). John McCain? Another Bush league war monger. Hello draft, goodbye American youth. Grow up, don’t give up.

  4. White leftwing liberals – socialists – communists sticking together – with or without dandruff ???

    What are those odds on a 269-269 TIE in the timebomb Electoral College ??? — to really drive lots of folks totally nuts — as if lots of leftwing / rightwing folks are not totally powermad lunatics at the moment.

    See 1773-1776 and 1859-1861. Any alarm bells ringing ???

  5. I’m going to predict that Hillary doesn’t put this endorsement on her campaign site’s front page.

  6. In the early 1980’s, LaRouche had a candidate running for City Council (Cecelia Poole) in Baltimore and they wouldn’t support her and disrespected her and I convinced her in the middle of the election to switch sides and ran her as a Republican. LaRouche’s people couldn’t believe what happened and still stunned by that tactic (hehe).

  7. Why wouldn’t she, Mike? How could she not be excited about the Eurasian land bridge, the proper pitch of classical music, and the square root of -1? 😀

  8. The LaRouche folks run candidates. The organize amazing demonstrations with song, dance, funny and entertaining political theater. Amazingly good at what they do….. I don’t agree with them, but am always impressed.

    The Green Party needs their skills.

  9. Ooh, I feel a conspiracy theory coming on…

    LaRouche – ex-Trotskyist (member of the Socialist Workers Party), set up his own far-left radical grouping, the Labor Committees, in the 1960s. The LC dis a lot of agitation around Columbia University, as a faction of SDS. Likelihood is they crossed paths with the Weathermen.

    My God! LaRouche is Hill’s Bill Ayers! With added dandruff. I suspect a set up by the Obama camp. Or McCain. Or Felix Rohatyn. Or Henry Kissinger. Or the Queen of England.

  10. LaRouche did not go to jail for credit card fraud. They never got him for that-they couldn’t. He didn’t do that. He was convicted of conspiring to obstruct the IRS! In other words, he was railroaded. Look at the facts, buddy, before you spout nonsense. Furthermore, he has not endorsed Hillary, although he favors her. Obama is being used-he will be sunk once Hillary is out of the way, and then you will have some fascist combo like McCain and Bloomberg, and you’ll wish you had been a wise man, not a wise guy.

  11. #15: “He was convicted of conspiring to obstruct the IRS!”

    Regardless, Lyndon’s still a convicted felon (it must have been the IRS that sprinkled the dandruff on his shoulders).

    Do you have any other heroes who are jailbirds?

  12. I just remembered the time that Pamela Harriman, the widow of Averill Harriman, was addressing a Democratic Party meeting here in my hometown. A “Rouchie” attempted to disrupt the meeting and was escorted out.

  13. Mr. Rankin:

    When one tries to act as an authority on a political movement, if caught in either a willful lie, or just incompetent babbling, the term “regardless” is critical.

    Thousands of victims have been incarcerated, tortured and or executed on false charges.

    There is significant difference between “obstructing the function of the IRS” and credit card fraud. In fact, you silly, incompetent boob, at the Boston credit card trial, after a mistrial was declared, the foreman of the jury and several jurors held a press conference to demand that the government be investigate for trying to frame Mr. LaRouche.

    I apologize. At your age, the inability to get even the facts straight could be the onset of early dementia.

  14. Son of a gun.

    Your a da***d Neo con. Geez…they went out with
    Toe tapping and drunken lawyer shootings. Wow.

  15. TeddyBoomer:

    How many different names do you post comments under?

    I’ll thank you not to call me any more of your family names. You Rouchies must be psychic, since you seem to think you know what my age is.

    Tell me: Did your hero Lyndon study the scriptures with his cellmate, Rev. Jim Bakker?

    Give us a conservative estimate: How many elections has Lyndon lost?

  16. Whatever your age, Rankin, it is time for you to come out of childhood and take the world, and people who are fighting to rescue it, seriously. Take what LaRouche has said over the last 15 years about the unfolding bankruptcy of the global financial system and, before you shoot your mouth off about that, look at what government and policy institution leaders in Russia, China, India say about his analysis…a little humility on your part is in order, if indeed you take this brief life we are all given seriously.

  17. TeddyBoomer?

    “At your age…” That means an adult anywhere between 18 and 100+. Are you at an age where you don’t have to get your facts straight. If that’s true, you shouldn’t be doing this…do your parents know your peddling this stuff on the internet. I don’t know. Cognitive decline has less to do with age than with lack of use of mental faculties.

    I have participated in dozens of blogs and all, friend or foe, will tell you, I never use a pseudonym. Oh, sorry, that means an alias, a “fake name”, anyway…Steve Rankin…hmmm…that sounds fake to me.

  18. Let’s get an assessment of your actual age. Did you find the grammatical errors Stevie?

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