Socialist Workers Party Presidential Petitioning

The Socialist Workers Party is running Roger Calero for president. The party has already submitted its petition for president in New Jersey. The New Jersey deadline is not until July 28, and no other minor party or independent presidential petitions have been submitted yet in New Jersey.

The SWP also expects to be on in Delaware for the first time in its history. It gathered the necessary registered members in 2004 to be on the ballot, but they were not gathered until too late to be on the 2004 ballot. Delaware requires a party to have 284 registered members in order to be on the ballot; there is no petition.

The SWP is also petitioning for president now in Washington, and will pay the $500 filing fee in Colorado and Louisiana. Other states in which petitioning may be carried out are Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin.


Socialist Workers Party Presidential Petitioning — No Comments

  1. Are there any prospects for the Socialist Workers Party, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and Socialist Party-USA uniting to form a single, larger, more consequential Socialist Party?

  2. Any idea which states will have Calero on the ballot, and on which he’d be replaced by a surrogate candidate?

  3. Unlikely, given that the reason for the SWP’s existence was that the Trotskyists were expelled from (or left, depending on whose version of history you believe) the Socialist Party in 1935, and the PSL is the newest splintered-off communist party. I can’t imagine even the most radical democratic socialist within the SPUSA wanting to work with either of those two groups. The ideological incompatibility is too wide, not to mention that this is not exactly the ripest time in American history for socialists to be joining up with communists.

  4. Harris replaced Calero in FL, IA, UT, CO, LA, MS, WA

    Calero made the ballot himself in NY, NJ, and MN

    i’m sure there’s other states i’m forgetting

  5. The SWP is ridiculous, this guy isn’t even a born American. What are they trying to prove?

  6. David: The material in my file seems to indicate that it was closer to 1936 that the former Workers Party of America members and fellow believers of Leon Trotsky were expelled from the Socialist Party of America. These expelled members went forward to form the Socialist Workers Party.

  7. David: Actually there are some pro-Trotsky members of the Socialist Party USA. They are consistently out-voted these days (as usual) and I’m not sure why they continue to stay around.

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