Arkansas Greens Nominate Record Number of Candidates

On June 21, the Arkansas Green Party held its final nominating convention. This year, the party will have a candidate for U.S. Senate, for three of the four U.S. House seats, and six for the State House of Representatives.

All of the Congressional candidates will be in two-person races. In other words, all the Congressional races in Arkansas this year will be between an incumbent and a Green Party nominee (except that the incumbent in the First District is unopposed).

Although that is not a huge number of candidates, it sets records in Arkansas. The number of U.S. House candidates is the greatest number for any party in Arkansas (other than the Democratic and Republican Parties) since 1894, when the Peoples Party also had three U.S. House candidates. The number of legislative candidates is the greatest number for a minor party since the 1910’s. The previous post-World War II record for the number of legislative candidates in Arkansas by a minor party had been four candidates, nominated by the American Party in 1970.

Unfortunately, the Arkansas Green Party was unable to find a nominee for the State House, District 19, where the only candidate is Democrat Dwayne Dobbins, who had resigned after a sexual harassment scandal in 2005. UPDATE: at the last minute, the party did find a candidate to run for that seat. He is Richard Carroll, a 51-year old boiler maker for Union Pacific. Thanks to independentpoliticalreport for this news.

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