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Nader’s New York Ballot Label

Published on June 30, 2008, by in General.

New York doesn’t permit independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, to start circulating petitions until July 7. Ralph Nader’s petition in New York will carry the ballot label “Populist”. The logo will be a buffalo.

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    not a bad idea

  2. Yeah, but not a great idea….

    That guy blows more ‘sure things’ than a lotto winner at a Vegas casino….

    ‘Naders’ Raiders’ with a Bull Moose [1912 Progressives] instead of American Bison.

    Only a last minute Citizens For A Better Veterans Home effort got Nader/Camejo write ins counted in California P2004. His legal eagles completely blew the ballot access.

    He is one of the dumbest ‘bright people’ I have ever met!

  3. Alex Englemann

    Perhaps Messer Frank MacKay can Chair Naders Ny Party and bring to a total of a Bakers Dozen, the numb er of Political parties he is the self declared Chairman of.

  4. Alex ‘I am not Rodney Martin’ Englemann:

    You need to investigate [so called] Independent Green Parties, such as the [stealth since January 2008] Independent Party official affiliate, the [so called] Independent Green Party of Virginia.

    No, no. I am Rodney Martin.

    No, no. I am Rodney Martin.

    No, no. I am Rodney Martin.

  5. Phil Sawyer

    Go Nader-Gonzalez!

  6. Steve Yankou

    Does it actually matter? I collected about 100 signatures and no one asked about the Populist Party or the bison. Everyone knows what he’s about and no one knows anything about the Populist Party. It seems to me that it was a semantical step, no more. Am I missing something?

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