Rock the Debates Still Fighting for Inclusive Presidential Debates

Rock the Debates has been fighting to persuade the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates to agree to at least one general election presidential debate that includes presidential candidates who could theoretically win the election. See The group’s activists hold a conference call approximately twice a month. The group is seeking to expand, and particularly wants to have an official representative of the Constitution and Green presidential campaigns. Contact Bob Sullentrup at, or 636-946-3227, if you want to be part of Rock the Debates.


Rock the Debates Still Fighting for Inclusive Presidential Debates — No Comments

  1. There is little wonder the debates are exclusive since former directors of the dnc and rhc directs the non profit which governs them. Ironically, while it takes 5% to receive matching funds for presidential candidates, it takes 15% for these same candidates to be included in the debates.

    Americans need to stand up and demand that our debates be open to 3rd party candidates. It was suggested that a coalition of 3rd parties and Independents join forces to open the debates and send the message of inclusion, not exclusion to the dems and repubs.

  2. Since America’s Independent Party is now the largest third party based on voter registration, AIPNC and Green party should be considered for inclusion in the debates initially.



    American Independent Party of California announces new national affiliation

    Media contact:
    Markham Robinson
    American Independent Party of California

    Sacramento CA – June 28, 2008

    California’s American Independent Party, which has a forty-year history in the Golden State, today announced its affiliation nationally with the newly-formed America’s Independent Party of Fenton, MI. The Party had previously affiliated on a national basis with the Constitution Party of Lancaster, PA.

    The State Central Committee of the American Independent Party voted unanimously in its Friday meeting to make the switch, after which the new 2008 national affiliation was duly filed with the Secretary of State’s office in accordance with the requirements of California’s Election Code.

    State Chairman Edward C. Noonan, on hand in Sacramento for the official filing, stated, “We believe it is time to affiliate with a new party, one that has a will to win. In sixteen years, the Constitution Party has never elected a candidate. America’s Independent Party may be the best chance we have of stopping the never-ending advance of socialism.”

    Friday’s move makes the newly-minted America’s Independent Party the third largest national political party in the United States based on voter registration.


  3. You would think that both major parties, who have claimed to be “parties of inclusion” for many years, would have jumped on this idea by now.

  4. why would the two party system ever agree to this, thats suicide for them . They learned from whathappened when Ross Perot won the debates. he went from 6% to 19%

  5. Savvy, you’re WAY off base there. That whole situation is well-documented over at Third Party Watch.

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