Libertarians Will Attempt West Virginia Petition

The national Libertarian Party, some months ago, determined to do everything in its power to get its presidential nominee on the ballot in all states except West Virginia and Oklahoma. The latter two states were deemed too expensive. Oklahoma requires 43,913 for a presidential candidate of an unqualified party, and West Virginia requires 15,118.

The Bob Barr campaign has raised enough money to attempt the West Virginia petition. The drive starts on July 9. The deadline is August 1. Concerning Oklahoma, Barr expects to bring a lawsuit, which may include other presidential candidate-plaintiffs as well. Oklahoma lets any independent candidate on the November ballot with no petition whatsoever, unless the candidate is running for president. Yet Oklahoma requires 43,913 for an independent presidential candidate, or for the presidential nominee of an unqualified party. This policy contradicts the U.S. Supreme Court decision Anderson v Celebrezze, which says that states have less valid interest in keeping presidential candidates off the ballot, than they do in keeping candidates for other office off the ballot. The Court said this is because a presidential election is a national concern that transcends the concerns of any particular state.


Libertarians Will Attempt West Virginia Petition — No Comments

  1. Im surprised Barr is going to attempt West Virginia. Maybe he’ll be on 49 afterall.

  2. Wow, I’m surprised: 15,118 in less than a month seems like a big task to attempt in WV.

  3. Money talks. Nader brought in six petitioners to WV working full time for two months (May and June), split between Charleston, Clarksburg/Bridgeport, and Morgantown and collected 18,000 signatures in that time.

    However, Bob Barr’s people are going to quickly find out that many people will say that they have already signed a petition – Constitution Party or Nader – and may not want to sign again.

  4. Money talks very well when gathering signatures. If Barr 08 can higher enough professionals I think they can do it.

    Me, personally, I’m still waiting to see if Cindy Sheehan will pull off her sig drive?

  5. Also–the LP just barred several top-notch petitioners from working with them,and with the CP already paying pretty well for signatures, the effort is going to cost a bundle.

  6. I believe there is progress for getting some of those Libertarian petitioners back into action.

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