New 4-Way Presidential Poll

On July 30, CNN-Opinion Research released a new 4-way presidential poll. The results: Obama 46%, McCain 42%, Nader 6%, Barr 3%, other and undecided 3%. See here for more details.


New 4-Way Presidential Poll — No Comments

  1. Notice that the polls are not all that different —-cept for Zobey! Every one is out of step but Zobey!

    Keeping track of the popular for POTUS when it is the electors that stand in for us poor unworthy regular folk? And of course the peons of the empire [Guam, Virgin Islands, PR, DC, etc]…….

  2. Does this mean that Nadar and Barr have been heard and this is where their respective ratings will remain or have they hot yet been heard? I believe Cynthia McKinney has not been heard. Chuck Baldwin’s message is in the process of being disseminated. I believe that all 6 candidates should be heard and let the American people choose for themselves who should rule. I hope that the third party effort will garner a real debate in October.

  3. Nader and Barr both need a big boost from somewhere. You would think Nader’s latest ballot access victories in the Superior Court would draw attention to his campaign or that Barr testifying in Congress on impeachment would boost his. I hate to say it but they’ve been stuck at these numbers in the polls the whole campaign.

  4. That is odd. I sent an email to Gallup asking them to include Barr & Nader in their poll questionaire. I was told that since LESS THAN 1% of respondents mention ANY third party candidate, there is no reason for them to be included by name.

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