Objectivist Party Places Presidential Ticket on Florida Ballot

The Objectivist Party has placed its national ticket on the ballot in two states so far, Colorado and Florida. The Objectivist Party ticket is Thomas Stevens for president and Alden Link for vice-president. Both live in New York state. They were both delegates to the Libertarian Party national convention in Denver, held May 23-26. Stevens was elected at that convention to the national Libertarian Party’s Judicial Committee. However, delegates to the Libertarian Party were mostly unaware that Stevens and Link had held the Objectivist Party national convention in a Denver steakhouse (the Buckhorn Exchange) on May 25 (the same day Bob Barr was nominated for president at the Libertarian convention). It is likely that Stevens would not have been elected to the national Libertarian Party Judicial Committee, if those delegates had been aware that he was promoting a separate political party.


Objectivist Party Places Presidential Ticket on Florida Ballot — No Comments

  1. So now the Libertarians follow in the footsteps of the Socialists….splintering their few numbers into several different parties. Sad…

  2. What jerk idiot moron State regime makes it the easiest to clog the ballots with jerk idiot moron candidates ???

    Equal nominating petitions.
    P.R. and A.V.

    End the MADNESS of jerk idiot moron State regimes and trivial parties.

  3. 2 candidates from the same state cannot be elected,its why Cheney had to change his registration back to Wyoming from Texas to the Bush’s VP.

  4. re: #5

    The only restriction is that an elector from a State can not vote for a President and VP from his State. So the only problem with the Objectivist ticket would be that a NY elector could not vote for both candidates. But the Florida and Colorado electors would be free to vote for both Stevens and Link were the ticket to carry those States.

    In 1792, the four Kentucky electors voted for both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, with Washington being elected to his second term. This was pre-12th Amendment, but the basic constitutional restriction remains the same.

  5. Isn’t it making a bit of a mockery of the “national convention” cause to have Stevens (and even Nader) on the ballot?

    Granted, Florida may not have defined anything about a convention and this all is perfectly legal.

  6. This is interesting.

    As for Florida’s rules, they are a helluva lot better than here in NC. Last time I checked a party and candidate needs 70,000 signatures here to get on the ballot. However with Florida’s rules, you gotta expect the cranks along with the serious candidates. On a lighter note if you were to put their last names together it sounds like a failed 90’s dot-com!

    PS: Has NC reduced their number of signatures yet? I seem to recall one party won a lawsuit to force this.

  7. According to Colorado’s filing, Stevens gives his address as Fresh Meadows, NY and Link as Parasmus, NJ.

  8. Although Link did list a New Jersey address in his Colorado filing, he really lives in New York state.

    The North Carolina ballot access law is being challenged in court. The lower state court upheld it and an appeal is underway.

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  10. It’s always good when reactionary right-wing capitalist oppressors splinter into a bunch of petty infighting factions and spend their time bickering with each other, instead of stomping all over their wage slaves while using quotes from the “founding fathers” to convince them that being stomped on equals freedom.

  11. Kelly:

    “So now the Libertarians follow in the footsteps of the Socialists….splintering their few numbers into several different parties.”

    Objectivists were never Libertarians. Rand was always vocally opposed to Libertarianism in practice. The LP is a collection of individuals with randomly-intersecting short-term interests, but contradictory long-term goals from all parts of the spectrum.

    More here: http://www.aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/libertarians.html

  12. Bo Pot: “reactionary right-wing capitalist oppressors”

    Is this supposed to refer to Objectivists? From my experience, they’re the exact opposite of either “reactionary” (ie, politically pragmatism, unprincipled) or “oppressors” (ie, forcing someone to do something against his will).

    “while using quotes from the ‘founding fathers’ to convince them that being stomped on equals freedom”

    Again, if this is referring to Objectivists, you’ve failed again. They’re regularly cite the faults of the founding fathers. and oppose appeals to tradition or history. You should check out this article – I read it yesterday and it was quite informative:


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