Independent Green Party of Virginia Puts Baldwin on Ballot

On September 8, the Independent Green Party of Virginia submitted its final paperwork, on who its presidential and vice-presidential candidates are. The party chose Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle.


Independent Green Party of Virginia Puts Baldwin on Ballot — No Comments

  1. yes the cp needs full ballot access in 2012…

    I hope Baldiwn will vist va… Martinsville has lot of support….

  2. Baldwin should be out doing a bus tour from Missouri out towards Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Utah.

  3. Hey, hey, hey. I am not a Balwin boy or a Keyes guy but still think any alternative party is better than just the same ole two party two step!

    Come on, more candidates, more democracy.

    The REAL story behind the John Blare, John Bambey, John Coffey ‘collaboration’ of so called reformists and the Independence movement, and Independent Green Parties whom do not associate with Greens USA and the FLorida Ecology Party?

    Sneaky, slimey Frank MacKay. If you shake hand, count your fingers after wards…..

  4. Richard had it pegged that they would choose Baldwin when everyone was buzzing about the impact of Bloomberg/Paul on the Virginia race.

    Now we know what the impact will be: nada.

  5. Well, I happen to think that the Independent Greens have actually done the Constitution Party a huge favor, in providing Mr. Baldwin their own hard-earned avenue to the Virginia ballot.

    And yet, in reading the various comments left by Baldwin’s supporters, you sort of get the impression that these folks must either be incredibly presumptive (at best) or incredibly ungrateful (at worst).

    With regard to the party’s final choice, I personally would have liked for the substitute to have been someone more along the lines of an Alan Keyes type, Reagan-Conservative.

    But setting this one disappointment aside, I would like to publicly congratulate the Independent Greens for being a huge part of that grass-roots effort to provide the voters of Virginia with an alternative to McCain and Obama.

    Joe – Alexandria, VA

  6. So, today I called my county registrar, and find out Baldwin is listed on our Va. ballot under the Independent Green label! Do What? We have been working to publicize ourselves with the “CP” label, and at the poll place we SWITCH names? What brilliance is this? Are we deliberately trying to convince those sympathetic to our cause that we (CP) are incompetent, or what?

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