Kansas Will Print Baldwin on Ballot

Today, Kansas held an administrative hearing to determine the presidential nominee of the Reform Party of Kansas. The committee holding the hearing consisted of the Secretary of State, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Attorney General. After taking testimony, the group voted to place Chuck Baldwin on the ballot as the presidential nominee of the Reform Party of Kansas. The state party had unambiguously desired this outcome, but a doubt had been raised because a national Reform Party convention had chosen Ted Weill.


Kansas Will Print Baldwin on Ballot — No Comments

  1. Kansas isn’t Baldwin’s only good luck this year. He got on in Illinois with just 300 signatures, because no one challenged. Illinois is the only state in which someone can be on with zero signatures, if the candidate submits a petition and no one challenges. Baldwin also had good luck in winning the Alaskan Independence Party nomination.

  2. Oh Kansas is right down the road from Oz, and ‘wizards’ abound all over! I only hope my dozens of letters to the editor helped.
    Donald Raymond Lake, and half a decade wasted with the Reform Party of California…..

  3. As for me there was no doubt that the electors witch I am one Choose to side with Chuck Baldwin. We the Reform Party members have never sided with Ted Weill or their group and never heard of him until we found out that the Secretary of State was going to put Ted Weill on the General ballot and than we challenged it and we won yesterday.

  4. Mrs. Tucker do you have a list of candidates running for office in Kansas? I’ve been trying to find one, but it always leads to dead ends. I read a bit ago that some of them were polling quite well.


  5. In reviewing the web site posted by the Kansas Party, it gives every impression of being a National Socialist/Constitution/Theology based Party and not any Reform based Party. In fact, their web site is entitled “Vote Kansas.org” and is littered with extreemism, it does not even call itself a Kansas Reform Party web site. It seems they are prostituting that name for ballot access purposes. Seems they have been consorting with Messer MacKay. I hope they use political condoms.

  6. I think Baldwin is getting my vote. I’m a Kansan who caucused for Ron Paul. One thing’s for sure, I’m not voting for McCain, Obama, or the pseudo-Libertarian Bob Barr. I’d sooner vote for Nader. The duopoly must come down!

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