Georgia U.S. Senate Poll

A SurveyUSA poll released on September 30 shows that no candidate has majority support in the Georgia U.S. Senate race. The poll shows: Saxby Chambliss (Rep.) 46%, Jim Martin (Dem.) 44%, Allen Buckley (Libt.) 5%, undecided 5%.


Georgia U.S. Senate Poll — No Comments

  1. i have a lot of respect for the Ga LP. many, many years ago, in a very close governors race, the GOP tried to persuade the LP candidate to withdraw; he wouldn’t even consider it.

    i believe a democrat won that election.

    i know many republians who are furious at bush/GOP & to a lesser extent democrats at Obama/Dems over the bailout. i have NEVER seen republicians this angry.

    Chambliss was recruited by bush and his campaign was run out of Washington by bush cronies.

    in some past statewide races, the LP has done reasonably well. when chambliss votes for the bail out bill tomorrow, he will alienate many core GOP supporters.

    i believe the LP will have their best election results EVER in GA.

    ps…..i will “write in” Nader for president and LP for ALL other offices on the ballot.

  2. The crosstabs on this poll show 3% of Democrats voting for Buckley, and 2% of Republicans voting for Buckley. That weakens the familiar argument that Libertarians hurt Republicans.

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