Minor Party Presidential Candidates May Alter Outcome in Louisiana

On October 31, Louisiana TV station WWL-TV released a presidential poll. The results: McCain 43%, Obama 40%, other 3%, undecided/refused 15%. See here for more detail. The article does not mention the “other” figure, but if one clicks on the link inside the article, one goes to a page that does include it. Ron Paul is on the Louisiana ballot as the candidate of the Louisiana Taxpayers Party, which is just a ballot slogan, not an actual organization.


Minor Party Presidential Candidates May Alter Outcome in Louisiana — 9 Comments

  1. The candidates do not hold any balance of power because they have no control over who wins. If the Rs and Ds each had 216 seats in the House of Representatives and the Libertarians had the remaining 3 seats, that would be a balance of power. It would be enough to work out a deal whereby the Ls got the Speaker of the House and the Rs and Ds evenly divided the committee chairmanships. There is no power like that in the case at hand in Louisiana.

  2. A recent poll also showed that Paul is getting about 4 percent in Montana, where he is the Constitution Party nominee. (As I understand it, the state party is no longer affiliated with the national party.) I don’t think he’ll get that much, but he probably will get enough to place ahead of Nader and Barr. I expect the total third-party vote will be enough that neither McCain nor Obama will get a majority in the state.

  3. Thanks Richard!

    gfe, I expect there will be several states in which neither McCain nor Obama get a majority. Of course, all they need in any given state (with two exceptions) is a plurality.

  4. Vote totals for third party pres candidates in Montana may end below 20,000. There seem. to be more robo polls going on this weekend that doesn’t mention Barr or Nader

  5. “M”???
    Are you the same “M” I met at the Libertarian Party State Chairs’Conference in Phoenix in 2006?
    Are you a “gentleman” …in France, in any case?
    (E.G. Do you drink wine and sleep with women?)
    If so – let me know!

    James Hines
    Former State Chair for the LP of AL
    Now living just north of New Orleans

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