Guam Vote Partially Counted

Partian returns from Guam, as of 6:30 a.m. Pacific time, are: Obama 8,796; McCain 5,355; Barr 97.

Although the Barr vote looks puny, it works out to .68%. In 2004, Libertarian presidential nominee Michael Badnarik polled .20% in Guam. Thanks to IndependentPoliticalReport for these returns.

Although no presidential candidate visisted Guam this year, there was a Democratic presidential primary in Guam this year, and Obama did have a campaign office in Guam, which helped him beat Hillary Clinton in this year’s Guam Democratic presidential primary.

The Guam Election Commission’s web page,, is not one of those official sites that carries preliminary election data. That site probably won’t have the vote posted for another ten days.


Guam Vote Partially Counted — 6 Comments

  1. And the winner is……

    Well, the definitive Presidential election results are in…from the island of Guam!

    Obama 20,120
    McCain 11,940
    Barr 212 (the only 3rd party candidate listed there)

    Yes, it’s true, as a US possession Guam has no electoral votes. But, they hold a straw

    vote when thay cast ballots for the territorial legislature and the congressional delegate.

    But -DON’T LAUGH- they have been holding this “meaningless” vote since 1984, and it has

    so far always predicted the eventual winner, according to the Pacific Daily News, which is

    the paper of record there.

    -Walter Ziobro

  2. The fact that they have no electoral votes, is only an issue for the winner. The losers aren’t impacted.

    This portends badly, .7% with no other third party candidates. I’m glad its better than Badnarik, but… lets hope the night gets better.

  3. A quick comparison with 2004

    Swing from Republican to Democrat = 27%

    Third party vote dropped from 263 to 212 but in percentage terms the rise in the Libertarian vote was basically the same as the vote for Nader last time (he was not on the ballot this time).

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