Virginia Will Broadcast Meeting of its Presidential Electors

Virginia presidential electors, like all presidential electors, will meet in the State Capitol on Monday, December 15, to choose the president. This year Virginia will broadcast their meeting, and send a tape of the meeting to public schools. Also the meeting will be in a large room, so that some interested members of the public may watch from the gallery. See this story.


Virginia Will Broadcast Meeting of its Presidential Electors — 2 Comments

  1. There is some wonderful history there.
    Maybe many here are too young to remember the December meeting of the Virginia Electors in 1972.
    But, believe me, it was a glorious day in the history of the waning life of this federal republic.

  2. I remember Michael. I was living in Staunton, Virginia at that time and the Republican elector from Charlottesville, Roger McBride, voted for the Libertarian Party candidates, John Hospers for President and Theodora Nathan, for Vice President. After learning more about the Libertarian Party from an acquaintance in 1976 and seeing a poster in 1978 at my grad school, I finally joined the Virginia LP in 1978 and the National LP on March 12, 1979. The fellow who put up the poster was Harold Hughes but he had moved away before I was able to meet him.

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