Updated Presidential Vote Totals

Some states still haven’t completely finished their vote tallies from last month’s elections. Therefore, national presidential vote totals are still incomplete. As of December 6, the totals seem to be:

Barack Obama, Democratic: 69,086,738
John McCain, Republican: 59,720,416
Ralph Nader, independent: 734,143
Bob Barr, Libertarian: 520,358
Chuck Baldwin, Constitution: 194,162
Cynthia McKinney, Green: 159,656
Alan Keyes, America’s Indp. Party: 46,586
Ron Paul, Montana Constitution/Louisiana Taxpayers: 21,372
Roger Calero + James Harris, Socialist Workers: 7,512
Brian Moore, Socialist: 7,251
Gloria La Riva, Party for Socialism and Liberation: 6,808
Richard Duncan, independent: 3,805
Charles Jay, Boston Tea: 2,420
John Joseph Polachek, New: 1,149
Frank McEnulty, New American Independent: 828
Jeffrey Wamboldt, We the People: 764
Thomas Stevens, Objectivist: 755
Gene Amondson, Prohibition: 653
Jeffrey Boss, Vote Here: 639
Jonathan Allen, Heartquake ’08: 545
George Phillies, Libertarian: 531
Ted Weill, Reform: 481
Bradford Lyttle, Pacifist: 110

This list only includes the 23 individuals who were on the ballot in at least one state. However, at least two candidates who were not on the ballot in any state, but who were declared write-in candidates in one state, outpolled some of the candidates on this list. They are Thaddaus Hill with 876 write-ins in Texas, and John Nettles with 391 write-ins in Florida.

The link at the top of the site goes to a state-by-state breakdown for the top 18 candidates who were on the ballot in at least one state.

The reason that the Libertarian Party gained very few votes since last week’s tally, and the reason that totals for the Socialist Workers Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation declined, is that New York official totals for those three parties are lower than the early New York unofficial reports collected by the news media on election night.

There seem to be errors in the Texas official canvass that may be corrected by the Texas Secretary of State soon.


Updated Presidential Vote Totals — 5 Comments

  1. The Hill total is ridiculously inflated, but the Texas Secretary of State and the Travis County Elections board haven’t aligned themselves to correct that. The write-in totals in Travis County are not right as reported on the Texas SOS site.

  2. According to D.C political report, Hill got at least 0.01% of the vote in Texas and Nettles got 4267 votes.

  3. Texas will correct the Travis totals soon, here’s the difference between the actual total and the posted total

    Baldwin +656, Hill -660, Allen +4, Keyes 0, Nader +537, McKinney +238, Moore -775

  4. The Travis County results are in alphabetical order (Allen, Baldwin, …, Nader), it appears that these were directly transcribed into the results for the SoS which uses a different order.

    I checked Harris County, which used a 3rd ordering, and these do match the SoS results.

    The rest of the county results look pretty reasonable, with Nader and Baldwin receiving the most votes in most counties, with Nader doing better in urban counties, and Baldwin better in suburban or areas outside the larger metropolitan areas. Keyes and McKinney got their votes mostly in Republican and Democratic areas, respectively.

    Hill did have some good results in the counties around where he lives (and where there were newspaper articles about the local man running for President), with about 1/3 of his statewide total from Washington, Fayette, Austin, and Colorado counties.

    A curiosity is that Travis County reported cumulative votes for uncertified write-ins. There were 2174 vs. 1786 for the 7 declared candidates.

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