Bill Redpath Newspaper Interview

Libertarian Party national chair Bill Redpath is interviewed here. The newspaper that carried this interview is the Loudoun section of the Washington Post.


Bill Redpath Newspaper Interview — 3 Comments

  1. “We won’t begin to address the fundamental problem of government overspending until the American people position government as an agent for justice, and not an agent for good, as there is an infinite amount of good to be done in this world.”

    Excellent interview. Good job Bill.

    Note he makes the implied point that government is NOT “the” agent for justice, but “an” agent.

    Hopefully the LP will dump the “less taxes (how much less, $1.00?), smaller government (how much smaller? one employee?), more freedom — for something “more” inspiring. Hopefully a lot more.

  2. The on going debate. Philosophy, dogma, thoughts, and view points gush out of the deep abiding well. Then there is the desert of Lib influence in the real world of action and effect. A nearly endless dry bitter waste land! Citizens For A better veterans home worked with west coast libs for YEARS to get TWO [and only two] meaningful resolutions on smaller [failed, short sighted, mis guided] government programs on veterans care. Like herding cats, even on stuff that fits into their stated platform. Ah, the on going great debating society!

    At least they nominated a known ‘name’ for president. Too bad the average Barr staff member has an IQ of about room temperature!

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