U.S. Senate Debates D.C. Seat in U.S. House

On Monday afternoon, February 23, the U.S. Senate began debate on S.160, the bill to give the District of Columbia a voting member of the U.S. House. If the expected schedule prevails, the Senate will vote at 11 a.m. Tuesday, February 24, on whether to end debate. The bill expands the size of the House permanently, from 435 to 437 seats. If it passes, Utah would also gain a seat between now and 2011. The bill requires Utah to redistrict itself into 4 districts.


U.S. Senate Debates D.C. Seat in U.S. House — No Comments

  1. Utah had 3 Constitution Party candidates and 2 Libertarian Pary candidates run for its 3 seats in 2008. In District 1, both candidates received more than 2% of the vote respectively. In District 2, they received about 1% each. And in District 3, the CP candidate received over 6% of the vote. Utah seems to have had a strong 3rd party running this year, so it could be interesting to see what happens with new districting in the future.

  2. I think that DC should have a seat in the House. However, the Constitution does not provide for such a seat.

    I don’t think this would pass Constitutional muster, but I’m not sure who would have standing to challenge the law.

  3. “There is no way a fair election in Washington DC can be held! Democrats control the area!”

    We can’t have fair elections where there is the hegemony of a single party at the expense of all others? So then where would we be having elections?

  4. D.C. is NOT a State. 14th Amdt, Sec. 2.

    Will the Constitution be totally subverted by the Supremes with their *standing* JUNK cases ???

    Who in Hell was the Constitution made for ???

    Answer – the PEOPLE — to put limits on the Federal and State govts.

    SO difficult for the party hack Supremes to understand — likely because they are APPOINTED by party hack Prezs and confirmed by party hacks in the gerrymander minority rule U.S.A. Senate.

    In general see the last about 100 years of the old Roman Republic before the EVIL TYRANT Augustus Caesar wiped it out. Does history repeat ???

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