Hawaii Nader Case Will be Revived

Ralph Nader’s 2004 Hawaii ballot access case has been in the 9th circuit since last year. The chief issue is whether it is constitutional for Hawaii to require six times as many signatures for an independent presidential candidate as for an entire new party. Last year the 9th circuit put the case on hold, to see if the legislature would alter the law for independent presidential candidates. However, no bill on that subject was ever introduced, and it is far too late for such a bill to be introduced now. The Hawaii legislature adjourns May 7. At that time the lawsuit will be active again.

The only bill introduced this year in the Hawaii legislature that has any possible impact on minor parties or independent candidates is SB 680. That is a proposed constitutional amendment that would impose registration by party. However, it has made no headway.

This year, there is a tendency for state legislatures to spend little time on election law issues. This is largely because almost all state legislatures that are still in session are preoccupied with budget issues.


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  1. Hawaii should simply nominate presidential candidates in its primary, in which independent candidates can run, and which has quite modest qualification standards.

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