Washington Governor Signs Bill Letting Some Ex-Felons Register to Vote

On May 4, Washington’s Governor Christine Gregoire signed HB 1517. It permits ex-felons who still owe fines or restitution payments to register to vote. However, if they fall behind on their payments, they can lose their status as registered voters. Under the old law, ex-felons making monthly payments to pay off fines or restitution to victims had to wait until they had finished their payment, before registering to vote.


Washington Governor Signs Bill Letting Some Ex-Felons Register to Vote — No Comments

  1. This could go with what is going on in California
    tommow and the hearing on AB 1396. Letting people that can not register to vote to become member of
    the Democratic State Central Commettee, e.g., repealing Election Code section 7171 etc.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman, American Independent Party

  2. The hearing in Sacramento, California on AB 1396 is today (Tuesday) at 1:30 pm. This is a bill to deregulate the Democratic Party, so that is rules for internal organization would no longer be in the Election Code, but the party would post them on its web page.

  3. Doesn’t this sound like a poll tax imposed on felons? Pay your “restitution” tax or you lose your right to vote.

    Either ex-felons should be allowed to vote or they should not be allowed to vote. We shouldn’t have two categories of voters. Image what Benjamin Ginsberg (Norm Coleman’s attorney) would say. This clearly has Equal Protection problems.

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