Prohibition Party Sets National Committee Meeting

The Prohibition Party holds a national committee meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 17-18. Speakers include Rev. Dr. John Killian, and also History Professor J. David Gillespie, author of “Politics at the Periphery.” The meeting is at Barton-First Southern Methodist Church, 2869 Mendenhall Road.


Prohibition Party Sets National Committee Meeting — No Comments

  1. As we know, most alcoholic beverages are a form of sugar. Sugar is an addictive substance. Does anyone know the Prohibition Party stance on food and beverages that contain sugar?

  2. Okay, that was funny. However, what is not humorous is the fact that alcohol is one of the worst drugs that a society can permit. It has been with us down through history and will probably not go away for a long time. In the meantime, I would like to remind everyone that drinking and driving do not mix.

    If I sound like a recovering alcoholic, it is because I actually am. My last drink of alcohol was on May 14th of 2004. Since then, much good has happened in the world; i.e., the Bush-Cheney Administration is gone for good.

  3. Why was it disrespectful? If we can’t put up with a little ribbing once in awhile (and yes, it was hilarious)…..we might as well pack it in. I certainly don’t object when someone makes fun of the Green Party or Socialist Party. As long as it’s funny, of course. It has to be funny. 🙂

  4. Phil,

    I placed my latest bet on 1/22/95. I hope to never place another, but until I am dead and buried I will never know for sure.

    Alcohol is a potentially very damaging substance. There are a lot of those out there. I hope for your continued sobriety. I wouldn’t chalk up the end of the Bush/Cheney era to that though…slips happen, and I sure don’t want those criminals back again. 🙂

    David…did you see the piece at Green Party Watch about Joanna Lumley’s endorsement of the Green Party in the upcoming EU Parliamentary elections? She played a self-absorbed drunk/drug addict on the TV show Absolutely Fabulous. I’d have *loved* to see her do a send-up on the GP on that show. That I would pay to see!

  5. Thanks, Gregg. It is easy now days. In addition, the positive benefits of not drinking are very many and very good.

    One of the things that helped me to stop drinking back in 2004 was that I wanted to be able to put my full concentration on getting the Bush-Cheney neo-conservatives out of power. I know that I had, at least, a little something to do with that happening.

  6. Phil-I didn’t mean any disrespect for those like yourself who have struggled with alcohol and other substance problems. I hope we can all agree that the Prohibition “solution” was tried and found to be a dismal failure. I think we could say the same about our current drug laws. Whole forests have been cut down to print laws without solving these and similar issues. What makes anyone think more laws are the answer? It’s time drugs, gambling, etc. were treated as personal medical issues with sufficient resources provided to help those individuals affected and not filling up the jails at great cost to society and those same individuals.

  7. No disrespect taken, Jerry. I found your comment very funny also. I just wanted to point out how bad of a drug alcohol is. It is probably one of the very worst. Unfortunately, it is strongly entangled with our culture and may not go away for a very long time. Who knows, though? Societies do change through social evolution.

  8. Some health advocates would say that unfiltered, unpasteurized beer *is* healthy. Most fermented foods and beverages are health foods. For example, the dairy drink kefir has been used in the Slavic areas for ages as a health-promoting drink. Because of the fermentation process, it contains very small traces of alcohol.

    I would argue that television is a much more addictive drug than alcohol.

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