New Utah Registration Data

The Utah state elections office has released a registration tally. The results: Republican 589,326; Democratic 132,011; Libertarian 3,181; Constitution 2,203; independent and other, 772,997.

The percentages are: Republican 39.30%; Democratic 8.80%; Libertarian .21%; Constitution .15%; independent and other 51.54%.

By contrast, in October 2008, the percentages were: Republican 41.60%; Democratic 8.93%; Libertarian .20%; Constitution .14%; independent and other 49.13%.

If Utah had Pennsylvania’s election law, the Democratic Party would not be on the ballot, and all of its nominees for public office would need a petition to appear on the general election ballot. Pennsylvania treats all parties that have less than 15% of the registration as though they were not qualified, for purposes of appearing on the ballot. Thanks to Frank Fluckinger for the new Utah data.


New Utah Registration Data — No Comments

  1. Are there any other parties included in the “other”? That’s a large number of independents…

  2. All the members of unqualified parties are lumped in with independents, in this tally.

    The Green Party could be getting its party status back in Utah, by working on the petition for that. It’s 2,000 signatures. But they are not working on it.

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