Election Law Bills in Congress Keep Gaining Co-Sponsors

Almost all of the interesting election law bills in the U.S. House have continued to add co-sponsors during June. In order of how many co-sponsors each bill has, here is a list:
1. Popular vote on Puerto Rico status: 151 (HR 2499)
2. Paper Trail for Vote-Counting Machines: 80 (HR 2894)
3. Public Funding for Congressional Candidates: 56 (HR 1826)
4. Express mail to be used for mailing overseas absentee ballots: 38 (HR2393)
5. Anti-Gerrymandering: 12 (HR 3025)
6. Requiring Presidential Candidates to Submit a Birth Certificate: 6 (HR 1503).

The only interesting bill that has no co-sponsors is HR 665, to provide that D.C. voters should be treated as Maryland voters, for purposes of congressional elections. Representative Dana Rohrbacher (R-California) introduced it in February.


Election Law Bills in Congress Keep Gaining Co-Sponsors — No Comments

  1. HR 2499 for popular vote on Puerto Rico and HR 1207 to audit the federal reserve each have over 150 co-sponsors. However, Congress focuses on Obama’s agenda of bailouts, trillion dollar spending, carbon cap & trade, excessive regulation, and soon health care instead. Many of these bills are opposed by a majority of Americans, while most Americans would like to see HR 2499 and HR 1207 passed. It makes no difference; the fascist agenda is priority number one. Sickening.

  2. What is your evidence as to how most Americans feel on HR2499? I doubt 20% of Americans even know that Puerto Rico is part of the US.

  3. Puerto Rico is not part of the United States. It is a territory of the United States.

  4. A question for Jim Riley…is the District of Columbia part of the United States?

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