Green Party Press Release On Israeli Seizure of Cynthia McKinney

On June 30, the Green Party put out this press release, calling on the United States government to request that Cynthia McKinney and twenty other individuals be released from Israeli custody.


Green Party Press Release On Israeli Seizure of Cynthia McKinney — No Comments

  1. Yeah, it is not surprising that a bunch of fascist/Zionist thugs would attack an unarmed ship carrying humanitarian supplies.

  2. And in the reform party the shadowy Jewish Mafia, putting Jerusalem First over American priorities. In 2005 John Blare, John Coffey, John Bambey and Valli Sharpe Geisler killed the Reform Party USA national blog and monthly print house organ to blunt a USS Liberty article.

    The Jewish political cabal, they do exist!

    ———– Donald Raymond Lake, Pro Israel since early 1960s, but always America First…

  3. The Green Party is showing itself as a sycophant of radical muslim interests. The ship in question was not in international waters. Their plan was to provide succor to terrorists who hold their own people hostage in perfidy. To support those who steadfastly refuse to recognize established international norms such as the Geneva Convention, which requires Red Cross contact with prisoners. Gilad Shalit has not been allowed any visitors in three years! The Green Party supports Islamo-Fascism. Wake up America, before it’s too late!

  4. Islamo-Fascism is an oxymoron (except perhaps in reference to such nondemocratic monarchies we support as Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc). Read A Peace to End All Peace by David Fromkin. Wake up America, because our government won’t!

  5. The EVIL rotted- to- the- core Middle East has had lots of tyrant monarchies – oligarchies for 6,000 plus years.

    Is the *modern* Israel any better with its P.R. regime — about 95 percent accurate BUT having a TYRANT mixture of legislative and executive powers in the same persons — especially the *Prime* minister in the regime ???

    Of course the killers in the other regimes claiming to be *democracies* are much EVIL worse.

  6. And the need for non Democan political action goes on:

    Gary, Gary, Gary…Are you saying that this never happened? That the Israelis did not prevent the ship from taking aid to Gaza? Okay, then. What’s your version of what happened? Jeannette Ward

    — On Wed, 7/1/09, “Gary Gottlieb wrote:

    From: Gary Gottlieb
    Subject: Re: [changeformissouri] Fw: Israel Attacks and Boards Spirit of Humanity
    To: *
    Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2009, 10:02 PM

    You should consider examining the source before you repost these things. While there are many groups of Israelis and Palestinians working together to force their governments to forge a two-state solution, there are also many one state supporters, anti-semites who are as cruel as the Israeli government. does not support a two state solution, it supports the elimination of Israel and the annihilation of Jews. When you repost their view of an event, you further their agenda, which contradicts any meaningful, peaceful and just solution. I suppose you have the right to support bigotry if you like, but you should be aware that this is what you are doing.

    If you like, I can go to and repost the hateful monologues from the hate-filled bigots on the other side of this issue.”

    * a ‘progressive’ blog, suspiciously pro DNC!

    “I have the South in front of me and I have the bankers behind me, and for my country I fear the bankers most.” – Abraham Lincoln

    “It’s the corporations, stupid” – Author unknown

    — On Tue, 6/30/09, Patricia McHugh wrote:

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