Gene Amondson Dies

On July 20, Gene Amondson died at the age of 65. He had been the Prohibition Party candidate for president in 2008, and had also been one of two competing Prohibition Party presidential candidates in 2004. He was 65. He had suffered a stroke the day before he died, which put him in a coma. Thanks to John Killian for this news.


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  1. I doubt it. There is an endowment from a person who died nearly 100 years ago that should keep it alive.

  2. George Pennock left a trust to the Prohibition Party, on which the interest is given to the party annually. Pennock died in 1930.

  3. What a shock. I am not a Prohibitionist, but I was invited to be the banquet speaker at the recent conference of the party in Memphis. Gene Amondson was there, witty and seemingly full of vigor and life. I even snapped a picture of him, standing in front of a
    banner with the Prohibition camel emblem. He put out a
    funny 2008 campaign ad– I think it is available on Youtube– in which he spoke of running against an ancient man with a beautiful wife and a charismatic chap everyone under 30 seemed to love. I really liked this guy.

  4. Amondson had his four children at his side when he died
    on Monday.

    For those in his area who want to pay their respects:
    The memorial service is scheduled for 2 pm Saturday on
    Vashon Island in Washington state. More information:
    (206) 463 9300.

  5. I interviewed him in 2007 and enjoyed our conversation.

    With both Dodge and Amondson gone, the Prohibition Party is at a real crossroads. I’m betting they’ll run Jim Hedges in Prez 2012.

    Helpful hint to the Camels: Drop the incredibly divisive Right-wing platform and focus on your main issue– the societal damage of alcohol. That is an issue that transcends left/right politics. If you want more votes, unite us, don’t divide us. I’d like to see the Prohibition Party survive but your current platform isn’t helping.

    Goodbye Gene. It was a pleasure to talk with you.

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