Rhode Island Moderate Party Likely Finishes Petition

The Moderate Party of Rhode Island will have collected 30,000 signatures on its petition to become a qualified party by Monday, August 3. The law requires 23,589 signatures, so the party believes that in four days, it will have enough valid signatures.

If the party has qualified, this is the first time any political party, or any statewide independent candidate, has completed a petition of 5% of the last vote cast since 2000, when the Libertarian Party, and the Reform Party, each completed Oklahoma’s 5% petition. Also, this is the first time a party has qualified itself using a 5% statewide petition in a midterm year since the Libertarian Party completed such a petition in Nevada in 1978 (Nevada eliminated its 5% petition requirement in 1987).


Rhode Island Moderate Party Likely Finishes Petition — 2 Comments

  1. Good for them, how ever, as part of the 1980 SUCCESSFUL Unity Party John B. Anderson/ Patrick Leahy effort and 2003 SUCCESSFUL California Governor Grey Davis Recall I noticed that almost every time alternative political types make the bar the Duopoly Establishment raises it even higher [think Perot 1992 and Perot 1996]!

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