Cleveland Plain Dealer Story on Rick Nagin

The September 28 issue of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has this interesting story about Rick Nagin, who is in a run-off for one of Cleveland’s city council seats. The election is non-partisan, but the public and the press are still fascinated by the fact that this particular council race is between a member of the Communist Party (Nagin) and Brian Cummins, who is a member of both the Democratic and Green Parties. Nagin does not disavow the organization, but says that he wishes the party had another name, because “Communist” has become such an emotionally charged word. Thanks to Dave Lubecky for the link.


Cleveland Plain Dealer Story on Rick Nagin — 8 Comments

  1. Count the about 100 million dead since 1917 due to party hack communists with the multi-multi millions currently controlled by communist control freaks.

  2. Yeah, I’m sure Rick Nagin’s CPUSA was responsible for all that.

    That’s exactly why Communist/Socialist parties have failed in the U.S. (other than the massive government repression) – whenever some Soviet dictator made some proclamation someone didn’t like, they fell over each other in attempt to split from the violation, factionalizing themselves into oblivion. Of all the things Communists/Socialists in the United States may be, unwilling to split from party leaders who abuse their power is not one of them.

    So, what’s the argument here, DR?

  3. The election in September was a primary. Cleveland uses a Top 2 system, but skips the primary if two (or fewer) candidates file. Cleveland has 19 wards, 8 of which were contested by 3 or more candidates. In 6 of those 8 wards, the leading candidate had a majority, but must confirm that result in the general election next month. In the two remaining wards, including that which the article was about, no candidate had a majority.

  4. “Demo Rep” (as much as I do not like admitting it) is correct on this one; however, “anonymous” is also correct.

    The bottom line is that the evil that has taken place under Stalinism has done more to damage the movement for a socialist (and, eventually, communist) world than has all of the bourgeois brain washing and propaganda – over the decades – combined. That is a simple fact, at least the way that I see it. Attempting to recover from all of that is a battle that has to be taken on in more than one front. Changing the name of the Party (as many comrades, including me, think is necessary) is just one of those. Taking responsibility for our part (CPUSA’s part) in being too close, at times, to CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) during the Cold War years is another one. The Soviet Union was correct on many things also – just as the United States was very wrong (check out the history of Chile, for example). There are many more fronts also.

    By the way, isn’t Rick Nagin a Democrat also?

  5. Commie, go back to Russia where they appreciate bent minded people like you. My relatives came from communist run countries.
    Cold water flats, no heat, bread lines, heating fuel lines, no fresh fruit, NO Walmart, No Food Lion, No mall or cars.

    It is my right and position to get rid of unAmerican people like you. We need to go back to the McCarthy times. Expose people like you, get out of our country!

  6. To “ejpro” (#5.): The moral ground that you stand on is very shaky for so many reasons.

    First of all, I can trace my Caucasion heritage back to pre-Revolutionary times (before 1776, in case you do not know when that was). Secondly, I am also about one-sixteenth Native American (Mohawk Tribe). So I am much more of an American than you are, in those regards, if you want to debate in that manner. Thirdly, do you even know what happened in Chile on September 11, 1973? There was a barbaric fascist coup that was supported by the United States goverment (Henry Kissinger helped to bring it about). Many, many people on the Left were rounded up, tortured and/or murdered. The Soviet Union stood up against that treasonous crime and opened its embassy doors to as many refugees that they could possibly take in.

    Regarding the bleak conditions that you claimed were (and are) are common in Stalinist countries, I have already spoken about those evils. The Communist Party USA condemns the evils of Stalinism in all of its many forms. Can you say that your political party (whatever it is) has taken responsibility for the bad things in its past?

    As far as Walmart is concerned, I would not take one step into the place.

    To “Vaughn” (#6): How is the Socialist Workers Party “more established” than the Communist Party USA? CPUSA is older than SWP. Besides, the SWP seems to be so paranoid these days that it is extremely difficult to even get an answer from them if you inquire about joing up with them. I know that for a fact because I have been through that process (two or three times).

  7. In paragraph three, I meant to write ” … you claimed were (and are) common … ” Please excuse the typo.

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