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New York Daily News Carries Pro-IRV Op-Ed

The September 29 New York Daily News has this op-ed, advocating that New York city use Instant Runoff Voting instead of old-fashioned run-offs. The author of the op-ed is Lynn Serpe, a Green Party nominee for city council this year. Thanks to GreenPartyWatch for the link.

2 Responses

  1. New York City enacted the 40% threshold to win a party primary without a runoff, after Mario Procaccino won the 1969 Democratic mayoralty primary with 32.8%.

    Procaccino was a “law-and-order” candidate who coined the term “limousine liberal.” He once told a black audience, “My heart is as black as yours.”

    Mayor John Lindsay, a liberal Republican, was re-elected that November with 42% of the vote. He had lost the Republican primary to state Sen. John Marchi of Staten Island but was on the general election ballot as the nominee of the Liberal Party.

  2. Demo Rep

    P.R. and A.V.

    NO party hack primaries are needed.

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