Whig Party Says it will Have At Least Three U.S. House Candidates on Florida Ballot in 2010

The Whig Party announced on October 19 that it will have at least three candidates on the Florida ballot for U.S. House in 2010. They will be Paul McKain, who is running in the 2nd district and had already announced; John Annarumma in the 3rd district, and Clayton Schock in the 20th district.

Florida abolished mandatory petitions for minor party and independent candidates for partisan office in 1999 (except that independent presidential candidates still need approximately 100,000 signatures). Yet despite the fact that any political party, no matter how small, can now place candidates on the Florida ballot with no petition, there have been virtually no minor party candidates for U.S. House in Florida in the last ten years. No minor party has yet had as many as three candidates for U.S. House in any election year. The Libertarians had two in 2004, and the Reform Party had two in 2000. The Green Party has not had any in the last ten years. The most the Constitution Party ever had in any one year was one (one in 2002 and one in 2004). The Socialist Workers Party has not had any.

The reason for the paucity of candidates for U.S. House is that the filing fee is more than $8,500. There is a petition in lieu of filing fee, which requires approximately 4,500 signatures of voters in the district.


Whig Party Says it will Have At Least Three U.S. House Candidates on Florida Ballot in 2010 — 10 Comments

  1. Richard

    Thank you for the article and mentioning our efforts. While each candidate, Annarumma, Schock, and McKain collectively reflects a composite of real life working men and women from across the nation, I wish to highlight one item about John Annarumma; his status as a member of the National Guard.

    While working full time as a peace officer and Florida National Guardsmen, John earned his Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Florida in 2005. John deployed to Iraq in 2006 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Upon returning from combat in Iraq, John returned to his duties a Deputy with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. John’s combat deployment was in then lawless Dialya province of Iraq. Between May and September 2010, John will again return to combat, this time in Afghanistan, during which his campaign for Congress will be handled by others working on his behalf. When John is sworn in for the 112th Congressional Session, he will join an elite Congressional membership in that he will be the third Member of Congress to serve as both a Representative and member of a National Guard, joining fifty year old Congressmen Christopher P. Carney (D) of Pennsylvania and fifty year old Mark Kirk (R) of Illinois; assuming both are re-elected in 2010.

    With Clayton Schock’s technology experience, Paul McKain’s firefighter, paramedic, and invention experience, and John Annarumma’s civilian and military desire to serve, protect, and defend his nation, state, and community, I believe we are drawing the kind of people willing to step forward with the most sincerest of desires to return this nation to “We the People” who run our government rather than being run by the government. These three have heard the calling of President Kennedy of 40 years ago: “As not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country.”

    Again, thank you for your comments and highlighting the collective efforts of the Florida Whig Party.

    Paul Truesdell

  2. $8,500 filing fee. Typical of the Fascists runing our government. The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves.

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  4. Michael,

    The Modern Whig Party was revived by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who place common sense, rational solutions ahead of partisan bickering and ideology. This is a national grassroots political movement with about 26 state chapters and candidates in New Jersey, Florida and a Whig-supported candidate in New Mexico. Basic tenets of the Whigs is fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, social acceptance, energy independence, states rights, veterans affairs, and scientific/educational advancement.

    The national site is http://www.modernwhig.org.
    Wikipedia if you are so inclined is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_Whig_Party.
    Florida Whig Party is http://www.floridawhig.com.

    Hope this helps,


  5. I looked over the policies — how does it differ from the Consitution Party? Do we need a myriad of conservative parties?

  6. Jsmith… If you’re referring to the Whigs being conservative on fiscal responsibility then yes, we do need more parties like that. However, how you compare the Whigs — a group that among many issues supports gay rights, energy independence and is basically socially liberal or at least moderate — with the right-wing Constitution Party is way beyond me. The Modern Whigs are moderates through and through.

  7. “Basic tenets of the Whigs is fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, social acceptance, energy independence, states rights, veterans affairs, and scientific/educational advancement.”

    Platitudes that mean nothing.

    Does the party think it was a good idea to have gone into Iraq?

    Does the party support supply side economics?

    Do they support drilling in national parks?

    Do they believe in global warming?

  8. Bolsevik-lennist has confused the Modern Whig Party with the Florida Whig Party. The FWP is voluntarily affiliated with the MWP but is not controlled by the MWP. The FWP is an independent political party no different than the Republican Party of Florida or Democrat Party of Florida. In addition, we stand by our platform as representative of the vast majority of the nation.

    Fiscal Responsibility

    Individual Responsibility:

    Individuals must be responsible for their financial well being; however, those who suffer physical, emotional, intellectual, and/or family upheaval may need appropriate governmental assistance.

    Corporate Responsibility:

    Business entities shall operate under a free enterprise system and shall have the right succeed and fail.

    Socialism is not progressive but rather regressive.

    In the event of a business failure that is deemed critical to the security of the nation, governmental assistance to protect and return the entity to profitability may be necessary.

    The determination that emergency government intervention in a business or industry is the prerogative of the Executive Branch, until Congress is convened; whereupon continuation or discontinuation of federal intervention must be publicly discussed and voted upon with all Members present (House and Senate) in their respective Chambers. All other matters before the Congress, other than consideration of an Act of War, shall be suspended until the matter of private industry intervention is resolved with a majority vote.

    Government Responsibility:

    Federal, state, and local governments must live within their means and maintain balanced budgets.

    Trust funds must remain segregated from general funds and may not be used for any purpose other than the original intent; however, funds may be used if deemed dire and necessary for the defense of the nation during times of War as declared and voted upon by the Congress.

    Governments must maintain an appropriate level of reserve funds, a portion of which shall be permitted to be used as sovereign investment funds, providing management is through a domestic third-party blind trust.


    All federal, state, and local government employees must be free from, nor permitted to engage in, acts of intimidation or bribery of voters or restricted in political speech or campaign activities.

    The use of any public funds designated for relief or public works for electoral purposes, directly or indirectly is morally wrong and must be made illegal.

    It must be illegal for government officials to promise jobs, promotions, financial assistance, contracts, or any other benefit to coerce campaign contributions or political support.

    Free and legitimate elections are critical to the survival of a nation, state, or local government; therefore, there must be zero tolerance with voter fraud.

    The election system known as “Instant Run Offs” is efficient, effective, practical, and requires greater engagement by the voting electorate which will result in fewer radical candidates elected to office and greater representation of society.

    The “Separation of Church and State” does not preclude mutual tolerance of religious beliefs. While government may not fund, support, or advocate one religion over another, the historical facts regarding the founding of the nation shall not be ignored or erased.

    The “Separation of Powers” between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government must remain balanced and consistent with constitutional intent.

    Restrictions on individual, corporate, and charitable campaign contributions, necessitates an absolute ban on foreign contributions and strict enforcement.

    The United States Constitution

    The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

    The original intent of the Constitution shall govern all branches of the government.

    Judicial activism undermines the Constitution.

    The Second Amendment specifically states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” and thus permits the individual ownership of firearms; however, the states may implement reasonable regulation to ensure public safety.

    States Rights

    Each state in the union is unique in its people, climate, history, economics, and geography. This union of unique states is what makes the United States special.

    The Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution shall govern in that all powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the states shall be reserved to the states and the people.

    Unfunded federal mandates are contrary to the principle of the Tenth Amendment.

    The 17th Amendment must be repealed to restore the balance between the three fundamental constituencies; national, state, and individuals. A legislature or governor without the authority to appoint their United States Senators lacks federal representation for the interests of the state. The House of Representatives represents “We the People”, the Electoral College ensures the President is lawfully elected to represent the majority (and should remain focused upon national interests, and the Senate represents the interests of the States. The 17th Amendment fundamentally upset the balance of power and eroded States Rights.

    Safety & Security


    A safe and secure border is critical to the nation, states, and local governments.

    When a “Clear and Present Danger” to the safety and security of the nation exists, the President and Congress must act accordingly to protect the nation.

    The “War Powers Act” requires revision to address situations where a “Clear and Present Danger” exists from rouge nation states and groups without national affiliation who operate within dysfunctional and non-cooperative nation states.


    Ensuring life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all residents must be the core function of state government.

    An adequately staffed and trained National Guard must be able to meet national, state, and local needs.


    Local public safety personnel are most often at the forefront of safety and security issues; as such, public safety personnel deserve adequate staffing, training, equipment, and compensation.

    Politics has no place in public safety and especially in law enforcement; therefore, the election of Sheriff’s is a process that is arcane and dysfunctional at best.

    Law enforcement executives must be prohibited from issuing badges or uniforms to non-sworn personnel or honorary and/or special deputy / police badges to anyone other than certified law enforcement personnel. In a post September 11, 2001 era, continuation of this practice is a violation of the basic public safety and law enforcement integrity.

    Public trust in law enforcement is eroded by politically motivated management and criminal justice prosecution.

    Acts or omissions classified as crimes that are mala prohibitum are non-violent in nature. When incarceration is ordered upon conviction, the cost versus benefit to society must be carefully considered. A contradiction of values and resources exists when drug dependency is considered an illness while at the same time, the purchase and possession of an illegal drug by a drug dependent user is also classified as criminal act. This statutory discrepancy leads to the unequal treatment of similar acts or omissions; therefore, each state must adopt sensible and rational polices regarding minimal, moderate, and extreme deviant behavior.


    The current system of federal taxation is complex, unfair, and discouraging to savings, investment, and innovation.

    Repealing the taxation on personal and business income must take place.

    Repeal will result in pension simplification as all pension laws become moot.

    Taxation shall take place at the point of purchase of all new goods and services for personal consumption. Known as the Fair Tax, a monthly payment (prebate) to all lawful United States citizens equal to the tax on purchases up to a denominator of the poverty level equal to the applicable family unit size is truly fair and efficient.

    An estate tax based upon a legislatively determined denominator of the poverty level for a family of four, yet not less than five hundred (500), is critical to prevent the unbridled growth and power of family dynasties and politically motivated foundations of perpetual existence.

    Energy Independence

    Energy independence is critical to the security and economic vitality of the nation.

    Long-term energy conservation will result in negative economic growth.

    Energy exploration must be encouraged and rewarded.

    Increasing efficiency to reduce waste must be encouraged and rewarded.

    Subsidies of inefficient energy production methods and/or outdated technologies must reflect current economic conditions and needs.


    The efficient, effective, and functional education of children and adults is critical to the nation.

    Public educators must accept, embrace, and willingly work with those who prefer private, family based, or faith based instruction.

    All parents and educators must accept the inevitability of change and embrace the new technologies that our children easily adapt and gravitate towards.

    Each state must establish standards and measurements to ensure progress on an individual and group basis; however, education must never digress to a situation where teachers are teaching to the test. While factual recall is important, understanding, critical thinking, and conceptual enlightenment is critical.

    The practical skills required by the majority of society are such that technical and community colleges require appropriate funds and staffing.

    Individual financial assistance for those in schools of science, engineering, computer and software technology, medicine, mathematics, public safety, and ROTC is as necessary at this time, as it has been throughout our history.

    Health Care

    Individuals must take responsibility for their health care.

    Health insurance should be a personal choice and available to everyone through accessible open enrollment.

    The failure to provide health care or health insurance for dependent children when financially able is prima facie evidence of child abuse.

    Government provided health care must be reasonable for those who are physically, emotionally, intellectually, or financially dependent.


    Legal immigration must be encouraged with emphasis and high priority given to those who possess skills of critical need, as deemed by Congress, and who are financially self-sufficient, free of profound health care needs, and emotionally stable.

    Illegal immigration must stop and deemed a threat to national security by Congress. Immediate deportation for those apprehended must be efficient and effective. Economic and security considerations demand nothing less.

    A nuclear family with a mixture of legal and illegal members shall be remanded to a new federal court system specifically designed to meet this unique challenge.


    The exploration of Outer Space, the Oceans, and the building blocks hat comprise man and his surroundings, is critical to the survival of humankind, and must be appropriately funded, must never stop, nor influenced by political posturing.

    Academic freedom in science is critical for our survival and the success of our nation.


    Abortion is an issue as to when life begins, as death is an issue as to when life ends.

    Conception is voluntary or involuntary, natural or artificial, and involves competing morals, ethics, rights, and interests.

    Abortion is a matter for each State and shall reflect the views of the majority of the residents of each individual State.

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