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Former Nevada Libertarian Party State Chair Shot by Police, is in Critical Condition

Published on October 31, 2009, by in General.

On October 30, Jim Duensing, who was chairman of the Nevada Libertarian Party until March, 2009, was shot by a Las Vegas policeman after the police had stopped Duensing for making an illegal turn and some illegal lane changes. According to this newspaper story, he was in a rental car, and he bolted and ran away from the police. He is still alive but is in critical condition. Duensing was also a Libertarian nominee for U.S. House last year.

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  1. Holy Shit!

    And this bit of breaking news…

    Corzine staffer busted in E. Rutherford for drugs near high school. This could sink the Corzine campaign.

  2. Wow, that is very sad news. I know Jim and will be praying for him. Jim is a very bright and passionate freedom fighter and I hope he comes back to fight another day.

  3. rosa

    Hmmm… are you sure, Richard? The newspaper report says it’s unable to confirm whether it’s the same person.

  4. I’ve confirmed with a mutual friend in Las Vegas it is the same person.

  5. The linked newspaper article says

    Police said an officer shot Duensing several times Thursday afternoon in the arm and torso after a Taser failed to subdue him and he reached toward his front pocket for a .45-caliber handgun.

  6. The same article also says

    (Brandi)Burks (a witness) said that as the man was running, he kept grabbing his pants, as if to hold them up. She said she did not see a gun and did not see the officer fire a Taser.

    She said she saw the officer shoot the man in the back when the man reached the sidewalk. He went down, and officers handcuffed him, she said.

    “They shot him in the back,” she said. “He was just running.”

  7. Mik Robertson

    It appears that Jim is expected to make a full recovery, which is very good news. Hopefully he can tell his story soon.

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  9. debra dedmon

    had Jim been reaching for his gun there would be 2 dead officers . His traing is so far superior to the police its ridiculous .he teaches firearms training for christs sake . id beg you all please refrain from speculation at this time, this is a very sensitive subject and theLLPNevada is working to get tothe bottom of it.

  10. Best wishes to Jim for a full and speedy recovery.

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