Poll for Special California U.S. House Race Shows “Other” at 6%

On October 30, SurveyUSA released this poll, for the special U.S. House race in California’s 10th district. The poll only asked people to choose the Democratic nominee, the Republican nominee, or “other”. The results: John Garamendi (Dem.) 50%, David Harmer (Rep.) 40%, “Other” 6%. The other ballot-listed nominees are from the American Independent, the Green, and the Peace & Freedom Parties.

It is likely most of the other vote is going to the Green and/or Peace & Freedom Parties, because the “Other” voters were far more likely to have voted for Obama than for McCain. All the voters intending to vote “other” describe themselves predominently as “liberal” rather than “moderate” or “conservative.” See details of the poll here.


Poll for Special California U.S. House Race Shows “Other” at 6% — 2 Comments

  1. The “other” voters were also slightly more likely to attend church services regularly, be pro-life, and own a gun.

    In the September partisan blanket primary, Garamendi and Harmer received 26% and 21%, respectively; candidates of the 3 minor parties, 1% collectively; and 52% for other other candidates.

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