San Mateo County, California, Debates Electing County Supervisors At-Large

San Mateo County is the only county in California that elects all its county supervisors at-large. The county’s charter revision group is considering whether to suggest a change to some other election system. The county has a population of 700,000, so running countywide is very expensive. See this story.

San Mateo County, like all but one county in California, has five county supervisors. San Mateo County does have five districts for county supervisor elections, but the only function of the districts is to require that one supervisor be a resident of each of the five districts. Residence aside, the districts have no function.

San Mateo County is the county that is south of San Francisco but north of San Jose.


San Mateo County, California, Debates Electing County Supervisors At-Large — 3 Comments

  1. P.R. = Total Votes / Total Seats = REAL Democracy

    Everything else is ANTI-Democracy = oligarchy / monarchy = EVIL.

    Much too difficult for the armies of New Age math MORONS on Mother Earth to understand ???

  2. ALL at large systems, of course, can have 49.99 percent minorities NOT electing anybody.

    See the death and destruction in the riots / rebellions in many cities in the 1960s — having at large city councils — i.e. electing ZERO minorities – even though minorities were 30-45 plus percent of the voters.

    P.R. NOW — regardless of ALL MORONS, public and private, who are brain dead EVIL ignorant about representing ALL voters in legislative bodies.

  3. To Richard Winger:

    The Supervisorial Districts (five total) does have a purpose. San Mateo County only has three Assemble Districts, viz., 12th, 19th, & 21th. Therefore, the
    distribution of the members of the County Central Committee
    is based on the register AIP electors in each of these
    five district. Richard have you now changed your view on this issue?

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman, American Independent Party

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