Governor Crist Changes Registration from "Republican" to "Independent"

On May 11, Florida Governor Charlie Crist said he will change his voter registration from “Republican” to “independent” on Wednesday, May 12. There is no election law-related need for him to do this, even though he qualified as an independent candidate for U.S. Senate back on April 29. The only significance is the political message the change sends. Thanks to Aaron Deslatte for this news.


Governor Crist Changes Registration from "Republican" to "Independent" — No Comments

  1. Did he change it to “Independent” or “No Party Affiliation?” There is a difference. Even though for some reason Richard doesn’t like to acknowlege it, there is an “Independent Party” in Florida, recognized by the Secretary of State there as a legitimate minor party with some 275,000 plus registered members. This party has had several candidates, mostly for local county office in recent years, and elected a member of the Dixie County Commission in 2008.

    Admittedly, the party is not active but it does have state officers recognized by and on file with the Secretary of State. If (before the filing deadline closed) two members of the party decided to run for Governor in 2010 and paid the filing fee or gathered the required number of signatures, the party would have been entitled to its own primary election.

  2. There are very few moderate Republicans anymore who are well known. It appears to me that the GOP is becoming a smaller tent every day.

    On July 19th, William Warren Scranton of Pennsylvania will celebrate his 93rd birthday. I think that he is the most famous of all of the Republicans in the moderate to liberal wing of the Party who are still living. I started out in life as a Republican and William Scranton is still on of my heroes of all time.

  3. Actually, it is a more than a little annoying how Yahoo! seems, sometimes, to take perfectly spelled words and change them. In addition, if you type out the “soc…” word or the “com…” word, the system will not print the message until the monitor approves it.

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