New Hampshire Secretary of State Agrees to Accept Libertarian Petitions Collected in 2009 for 2010

On June 4, the New Hampshire Secretary of State agreed to accept 276 signatures on petitions for the 2010 Libertarian Party statewide candidate petition that had been collected in 2009.

In 2009, the legislature had set a start date of January 1 of any election year, for candidate petitions. However, the Libertarian Party had already collected 276 signatures in 2009 when the bill was signed. For months now, the party has been trying to persuade the Secretary of State that it violates due process to refuse to accept signatures that, when they were collected, were legal. Thanks to Ken Blevens for this news. Blevens has been tireless, working for this outcome. The statewide petition needs 3,000 signatures and is due on August 4.

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