Federal Election Commission Expands Definition of “Press”

On June 10, the Federal Election Commission voted 4-1 to expand the definition of “press”, for disclosure purposes. Specifically the FEC voted that Citizens United is “press”. Citizens United has made fourteen movies about politics. Because it is now recognized as “press”, it need not disclose its income and expenditures for its movies. See this Scotusblog story. Thanks to Thomas Jones for the link.


Federal Election Commission Expands Definition of “Press” — 4 Comments

  1. Thus — is BAN and ALL the posters on this list members of the *press* — merely exercising their First Amdt CONSTITUTIONAL *RIGHT* ???

    I.E. How soon before 5 of 9 Scotus folks wipe out ALL the control freak campaign finance JUNK ???

    — with the very predictable howls of protest from the usual suspects — i.e. control freak gangs — still going nuts about the CU opinion ???

  2. Excuse my acronmym, but “WTF?!”

    I can’t wait until corporations have more rights than individuals in this country. I guess I’ll go see my Sec of State to see if I can make myself an LLC. That way I can look down on you lesser people.

  3. Okay, that’s pretty ridiculous, to call these guys press.

    But let me escalate this a bit and ask:

    Why doesn’t the press have to disclose income and expenditures for political coverage?

  4. 2 –

    You’re overreacting. It will be a very, very…VERY long time before same sex corporations are allowed to marry and adopt orphan corporations.

    Right, Richard?

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