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Kristin Davis, New York Gubernatorial Candidate, Will Petition under Reform Party Label

Published on June 27, 2010, by in General.

Kristin Davis, who sought the New York Libertarian Party gubernatorial nomination earlier this year, but failed to obtain it, now says that she will petition onto the November ballot this year as the gubernatorial nominee of the Reform Party.  The Reform Party name has not appeared on the New York ballot before.  The New York state affiliate of the national Reform Party between 1995 and 2000 was the Independence Party.  Thanks to Tom Stevens for this news.

The Reform Party is still ballot-qualified in Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  The New York Independence Party is also still ballot-qualified, but it cut its ties with the national Reform Party in 2000.

Kristin Davis is somewhat well-known in New York state, as the ex-madam who gained fame when Eliot Spitzer, who was elected Governor of New York in 2006, resigned after a sex scandal.

7 Responses

  1. Hey,

    I am not sure how associated Kristen Davis is with the RPUSA or group of individuals working to bring back the Reform Party of New York to be honest.

    Kristen Davis should gather some press and I can not say I disagree with everything that she is saying. Who wouldn’t want to volunteer for this campaign lol!

  2. […] claimed she would set up a Free Libertarian Party and run under that label. Now Richard Winger has reported that she will run under the label of the Reform […]

  3. Barney

    Maybe she could run on Craig’s List?

  4. She should run as a Green Party candidate for Congress.

    Joining forces with the Green Party would help the Green Party and her get on the ballot…

  5. Barney

    6 –

    What principles make the Green Party and a supposed Libertarian a “fit?” Other than “We’re not THEM.”

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