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Hearing Set for North Carolina Ballot Access Case

Published on July 16, 2010, by in General.

U.S. District Court Judge Graham C. Mullen will hear oral arguments in Greene v Bartlett on July 28, 2010, at 10:30 a.m. in the federal courthouse in Charlotte, courtroom #3.  The address is 401 W. Trade Street.  This is the lawsuit, filed in 2008, that challenges the number of signatures needed for a U.S. House independent candidate in North Carolina.  The law requires 4% of the number of registered voters.

North Carolina has had government-printed ballots ever since 1901, but no independent candidate for U.S. House has ever appeared on a North Carolina government-printed ballot.  This year, the Service Employees International Union backed a petition to place an independent candidate, Wendell Fant, on the ballot for U.S. House in one district, and did succeed in getting enough valid signatures.  However, the candidate listed on the petition then said he did not want to run.

Anyone who lives near Charlotte, North Carolina, should consider attending this hearing if possible.

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  1. Tom Bailey

    To say, “the law,” requires signatures of 4% of the voters is misleading. It begs the question, whose law? The General Assembly requires this duty from any who won’t wear their dem or publican label. The NC Constitution does not require it. The NC Board of Elections did not enact this requirement. This came directly from those who would have to face any challenger for their office.

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  3. Demo Rep

    Separate is NOT equal — in NC also.

    Brown v. Bd of Ed 1954 — a mere 56 years ago — regardless of small armies of MORON ballot access lawyers and even worse MORON judges.

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