North Carolina Legislature Eliminates Discriminatory Public Funding Law

Ballot Access News has just learned that on July 17, 2010, the North Carolina Governor signed SB 1177.  It eliminates a law that said a qualified political party could not be listed on the state income tax form unless it has registration of at least 1% of the state total.  Parties are listed on state income tax forms in North Carolina and twelve other states, to give taxpayers a chance to donate to that party.

When the Libertarian Party was accidentally listed on the North Carolina tax form in 2009, it received over $39,000.  It was not listed on the tax forms that were filed this year because the state did not repeat the error.  But it will be listed on future tax forms as long as the party remains ballot-qualified.


North Carolina Legislature Eliminates Discriminatory Public Funding Law — 2 Comments

  1. Not a bad stack of federal reserve notes to show up. The LP and other minor parties deserve such great fortune like this since the Democratic-Republican Party regularly makes their respective lives difficult.

  2. I am assuming that since this legislation concerned state tax forms that the donations go to the state political parties? If so, everyone reading this should push our own state legislatures to enact SB 1117 type of law.

    Now, how do we get check-boxes for donations to minor parties on the IRS forms? If I recall correctly, it is now just for a presidential election slush fund.

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