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Candidate Off Ballot Because His Dog Ate His Petitions

Published on August 15, 2010, by in General.

According to this news story, Terry Thomas, a candidate for the School Board in Lady’s Island, South Carolina, had collected 200 signatures on petitions to be on the ballot.  The day before the petitions were due, Thomas’ puppy found the petitions at home and chewed them up to the point of destroying them.  Thanks to Eric Dondero for the link.

6 Responses

  1. Doremus Jessup

    Hmmmm, “pets or meat?”

  2. Joyce McCloy

    How cliche. But funny. :)

    Elections are funny sometimes.

  3. Demo Rep

    Bad puppy.

    Perhaps get a big cat to guard the petitions ???

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  5. Juan Jose Nolla

    I’m sorry for the poor guy, but at the same time it sounds so much like “the dog ate my homework.”

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