Pennsylvania Breakthrough on Ballot Access Reform?

According to John A. Murphy, a Nader supporter and a vigorous and passionate fighter for ballot access reform in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s State Committee has decided to support SB 252, the ballot access reform bill.  Murphy’s source is a close friend who is on that Committee.  The Committee will meet on September 24-25 and is expected to endorse the bill.  Ballot access activists are welcome to attend the meeting.

SB 252 is based on Delaware’s law.  It says that a group that has registration membership of at least one-twentieth of 1% is considered a qualified minor party, and is entitled to nominate by convention.  If the bill were law currently, the Libertarian, Green and Constitution Parties would be ballot-qualified.  The bill also substantially lowers the number of signatures needed for independent candidates.


Pennsylvania Breakthrough on Ballot Access Reform? — 6 Comments

  1. This is great news. Now if we had this in West Virginia, 1/20th of 1% would be 604 voter registrations according the the SOS’s latest numbers:

    Mountain (Green) Party has 1089
    Libertarians had ~ 1300 (under “Other Party”)
    Constitution Party is up to 99 as of 8/27/10 from SOS.

    The three legitimate minor parties wouldn’t be beating each other up over stray gubernatorial votes once every four years.

  2. Separate is NOT equal.

    Brown v. Bd of Ed 1954

    — even in PA having the Liberty Bell and the 1787 top secret Federal Convention with its EVIL compromises.

  3. Demo,
    If you don’t like our Constitution, there are hundreds of other countries you can expatriate to.

  4. So far, this is just rumor. Let’s wait until something real happens. I don’t trust these guys’ words, ever. There’s no good reason why I should.

  5. Hi Jeff Becker,

    Thank you for you response to “Demo Rep.” This person can always be counted on to keep repeating the same old mantras (some of which make no sense). Most of the time, I do not even pay attention to what he or she writes. I think that we have to accept the reality of our political superstructure as a staring point if we are going to attempt to bring about positive changes. Bourgeois democracy has a lot of good things going for it and we need to keep those and expand on them. We can not just continuously rail against anything and everything. It would be nice if certain people would put more thought into what they are writing on these pages.

  6. This is great news! Finally, some real choice on the PA ballot. It would be nice if they did something about that challenge fine now…

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