Mountain Party Primary Turnout is Better than Primary Turnout for Either Major Party in West Virginia

On August 28, West Virginia held primary elections for the Democratic, Republican and Mountain Parties for U.S. Senate.  Preliminary election returns are available on the Secretary of State’s web page here.  So far, the Mountain Party has the best turnout.  Only 13% of registered Democrats appear to have cast a vote in the Democratic primary; only 15% of the registered Republicans in the Republican primary; but 21% of the Mountain Party registrants turned out to vote in the Mountain Party primary.

The figures for all three parties will rise slightly as more votes are counted.  The Mountain Party is the West Virginia affiliate of the Green Party.  The primary for the Mountain Party had only one candidate, Jesse Johnson, on the ballot.  The Democratic primary had three candidates and the Republican primary had ten candidates.


Mountain Party Primary Turnout is Better than Primary Turnout for Either Major Party in West Virginia — 4 Comments

  1. Richard,
    I’m confused. You had reported earlier that Robin Mills, who had car trouble and couldn’t get to the polls to vote for himself in the May primary, had lost his Mountain Party ballot access for House of Delegates (Morgan & Hampshire counties) because nobody else from the Mountain Party turned out in that primary to vote.

    So the Mountain Party went from almost zero (0) voter turnout to 21%? There are 1089 registered MP voters as of last month, so 21% means that only 229 of them voted.

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