Minnesota Independence Party Gubernatorial Candidate at 13% in Poll

On August 31, the MPR News-Humphrey Institute released a poll for the Minnesota gubernatorial race.  It shows:  Republican Tom Emmer 34%; Democratic-Farmer-Labor Mark Dayton 34%, Independence Party Tom Horner 13%, undecided or other 19%.  See this story.

Horner, the Independence Party nominee, is already higher in this poll than Jesse Ventura was in similar polls at this point in the 1998 election cycle.  Ventura was at 10% in polls in mid-September 1998, but he won with 37%.  At that time the name of the Independence Party of Minnesota was the Reform Party.

Minnesota has a very active group working for Instant-Runoff Voting.


Minnesota Independence Party Gubernatorial Candidate at 13% in Poll — 3 Comments

  1. It’s worth repeating the point that “undecided” is up to 19%, from 10% earlier in the month. Unfortunately, none of the other four ballot-qualified candidates is included in any of this polling. The kicker is that there are tons of “debates” being held, and all are restricted to candidates “polling over 5% in an independent statewide poll”. So, you have to get over 5% in a poll that you aren’t included in. But if undecided is at 19%, you’ve got to believe that one or more of the other four candidates would have a reasonable shot at getting that 5%, and forcing the issue of being included in debates.

  2. Jim, I totally agree! How can people expect independents and third party candidates to get 5% of the polls to debate when they’re not included in any polls? You mention the swing vote being at 19%, so I think the least they can do is have all the candidates debate.

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