U.S. District Court Expected to Rule in Arizona Green Party Case Sometime in Next Twelve Hours

A U.S. District Court heard arguments in Arizona Green Party v Bennett on September 9.  All sides are expecting a ruling either on the evening of September 9, or early morning on September 10, according to this story.  Maricopa County, which has over half the state’s population, says it must start printing its ballots by the morning of September 10.


U.S. District Court Expected to Rule in Arizona Green Party Case Sometime in Next Twelve Hours — 6 Comments

  1. Yes, the ruling should be imminent. On my blog I have posted some excerpts from the motion to dismiss the suit and an endorsed Green Party candidate’s reaction to today’s hearing.

  2. I think it’s great that these disenfranchised homeless people have been empowered by being Green Party candidates on the ballot.

    They have been given a positive voice as Green Party candidates.

    That is the most important service, and most significant point.

    Not intraparty pollytricks…

  3. Richard, this is Leonard Clark. I agree with much of what you say. Today, the plaintiff’s lawyer tried to mis-lead the judge by stating in court to the effect that you weren’t a real Green because of a swastika posted on your site without telling the judge that this was posted to show not that you were a fascist but that you were saying Arizona was red and fascist ! This was B.S. and I’m sorry that they mis-represented you. Please…call me on my cell: 623-329-0284, I really want to talk to you and I know that you are a true Progressive, my email is: leonardclark385@hotmail.com
    I promise to try and not bite, seriously just and chat.
    Leonard Clark

  4. Leonard, thank you. Now I see it is reported on the East Valley Tribune in an article that I have a swastika on my website. This is particularly upsetting on a day when I have been to shul; it’s Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and I have to hear that an Arizona Green Party lawyer has implied I have Nazi connections.

    I hope people will go to my website and see the context: I took this image from a Google search and used it to show that Arizona, in its fascist-like laws such as the horrible SB 1070 which I have opposed and called Nazi-like, has fascist tendencies, and the Green Party lawsuit was similarly anti-democratic:

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