Three Arizona Green Nominees Withdraw

On September 10, three of the Green Party nominees in Arizona who were considered “outsiders” by party leaders withdrew, even though a court ruled yesterday that they should be on the ballot.  See this story.  Ironically, some or all of the three may be on the ballot anyway, because ballots in some jurisdictions had already been printed before they withdrew.

Another two of these nominees had already withdrawn a few days before the lawsuit filed by party leaders had been heard, so those two had been dismissed from the lawsuit.

The remaining “outsider” candidates who will be on the ballot, even though the party leadership rejected them, are:  (1) Richard Grayson, for US House, 6th district, but he was not recruited by any Republican and has insisted that he should not have been rejected by the party leadership.  He got 6 write-ins in the Green Party primary.  (2) Anthony Goshorn, for State Senate 17th district.  He got 4 write-ins.  (3) Andrew Blischak, State Rep, 20th district.  He got 1 write-in.  (4) Thomas Meadows, for Treasurer.  He got 60 write-ins.  (5) Theodore Gomez, Corporation Commissioner.  He got 39 write-ins.  (6) Benjamin Pearcy, Corporation Commissioner.  He got 36 write-ins.  Arizona is electing two Corporation Commissioners this year.


Three Arizona Green Nominees Withdraw — 3 Comments

  1. PUBLIC nominations for candidates for PUBLIC office by PUBLIC Electors is PUBLIC business.

    See the Texas White Primary Cases – late 1920s – early 1930s in the Supremes — early cases on the road to the current situation.

  2. The Democrats are really the ones behind this. But there’s a flaw in their logic, and that’s this: Why would “fake” or “sham” candidates for the Green Party siphon off more liberal votes from the Democrats than the “genuine” ones?

    Huh? Unless the legitimate Greens are only running in “safe” Republican districts where the Democrats can’t win no matter what or running in “safe” Democratic districts where the Democrats can’t lose no matter what?

    In which case, none of the legitimate Greens can affect the election and none of them can win. In which case, who needs the Green Party altogether?

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