Colorado Republican Party May Lose Status as a Qualified Major Party

A Fox News Poll released several days ago for the Colorado gubernatorial election shows these results:  Hickenlooper, Democrat, 44%; Tancredo, Constitution, 34%; Maes, Republican, 15%; others and undecided 7%.  The share of the vote for the Republican nominee, Dan Maes, has been dropping with each new poll.  If he polls less than 10%, the Republican Party will no longer be a qualified major party and will no longer have a random chance of obtaining the top line on the ballot.  Thanks to Cody Quirk for the link to this news story about the poll.


Colorado Republican Party May Lose Status as a Qualified Major Party — 27 Comments

  1. This is exactly what the Democrats wanted to do in Colorado and that is split the vote. They were successful in attacking both Scott McInnis and Dan Maes. Tancredo is no longer a Republican unless he decides to claim he’s having another psychological disorder. Tancredo, Mr. integrity had no problem mugging Dan Maes for his votes. What Tancredo has essentially done is destroy the Colorado Republican Party.

  2. Jerry,cry me an efing river. The GOP doesn’t own anybodies vote. It’s called the democratic process! If you don’t like it then work to change over to a multi party system but don’t whine about how some body is “destroying” your poor little helpless GOP. You people made it war! You people make the rules! You aren’t any kind of victim here. Besides if you do lose major party status some body will figure out a way to break the rules and keep you on. It’s how you scum operate!

  3. Tom Tancredo gave everybody in the GOP notice he would run if Maes was the GOP nominee. He has every right to run and the poll numbers indicate he represents conservative Colorado better than anybody else. I would like to see him win.

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  5. “What Tancredo has essentially done is destroy the Colorado Republican Party.”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. I disagree. If he manages it, it certainly be the most positive, and maybe the only positive, thing he’s evere accomplished.

  6. Jerry, you need to join us here on planet Earth. You’re just pissed off because you made an ass out of your self and I called you on it. You don’t rule by divine right. You have to work to earn peoples vote. Frankly a 3rd party that beats a major party is a major victory for the democratic process considering how the process is rigged against them.

  7. Jennifer,

    “Tom Tancredo gave everybody in the GOP notice he would run if Maes was the GOP nominee.”

    Actually it was if McInnis or Maes won the primary. This is where Tancredo’s so-called ethics come into play. He didn’t run in the primary so he’s played the party against itself. Scott McInnis and Maes get trashed by the local media and the Democrats and Tancredo sees an opening without having to earn the right and drops out of the Republican party. Tancredo is a coward and a small time thief.

  8. Brandon Magoon,

    Sorry Brandon but you still need to grow up. You have nothing to say so you end up name calling or cursing instead. Tancredo didn’t have the courage to run in the primary. Bryan, don’t know what your talking about and it doesn’t matter. Either way Colorado will pay.

  9. If the Republican candidate gets less than 10% of the vote, I suspect that the legislature will reduce the requirement for major party status to whatever percentage the Republican does get, rounded down to the next lower percentage point.

    Also, the Constitution Party is likely to find being a major party difficult. In Colorado, major parties are required to hold precinct caucuses in every precinct in the state and elect two committeepersons from each. There are a lot of precincts where the party is unlikely to find even two members, much less two people willing to serve on a party committee.

  10. The Colorado Constitution Party would be protected by a unanimous US Supreme Court decision issued in 1989, Eu v San Francisco County Democratic Central Committee. In that case, the US Supreme Court said if the Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian Parties don’t want to be organized according to the scheme set forth in the California election code, they were free to have their own organizational plan. All those Colorado election laws described in comment #13 can’t be enforced against an unwilling political party.

  11. IF party hacks are involved in the PUBLIC nomination process (or filling vacancies in nominations), then there is one person one vote stuff — PUBLIC stuff.

    PRIVATE clubby stuff — none of the business of the regime as noted in 14.

  12. Jerry,

    The Colorado GOP DESERVES to loose major party status!
    Voters, especially conservative ones, in that state are waking up and finally starting to see the Republican Party for what it really is; a group of incompetent bureaucrats and career politicians who lack a backbone.

    You’re right that the vote is going to be split; BECAUSE THE GOP CANDIDATE HASN’T DROPPED OUT YET!

    Tancredo’s chances of winning are increasing and soon he will be tied with Hickenlooper in the polls and people like you will have egg on their face on election day.

  13. Jerry, this has nothing to do with Tancredo. I could care less about him. What I do care about is the Democratic process that both the GOP and the Democrat”ic” party have been actively subverting for years now. People have a basic human right to be represented in government. If you can’t figure that out, why are you here? You can’t seriously believe any body at a site called Ballot Access News is going to agree with you.

  14. Cody Quirk,

    Colorado has not stepped up to the plate. Look who they elected as governor last time around and the rag tagged group this time. Even Bill Owens choked in the end. The people of Colorado have not been represented for some time and even though it won’t happen this November for Colorado (sleeper), it might wake a few people up after they see what happens nationally.

  15. Republicans who are upset at their disapproval rating have no one to blame but themselves. At the federal level, they had ultimate legislative power from Jan 3, 2003 until Jan 2, 2007. Did they wipe out income taxes, corporate taxes, balance the budget, and build a wall along the southern border? I will not allow friends and family members to forget that the GOP did very little on the domestic front in that 4-year time period.

  16. Too baad for the GOP. Who said they had some “ordained” right to votes anyway? Everyday we make choices of what we buy and where we shop. This is no different. We need choices of various political party “brands” on the ballot and we can “shop or vote” the way we so choose.
    Look at the bright side. The winner doesn’t need 51% to win any longer. A person with any sense of principles, can be honest and truthful and maybe win with 35 to 40% of the vote.

  17. Craig. also don’t forget the GOP DOUBLED our national debt to 8 trillion when they were in charge! Between 1995 and 2006 — 12 years:
    Had presidency 6 of the 12
    Had Senate 10 of the 12
    Had US House 12 of the 12

    How was that working for you everyone? Jezzz wake up people. The GOP isn’t the party of Ronald Reagan any longer– and I liked Ronald Reagan.

    That’s why I am a Libertarian now.

  18. If my memory is working, I think the national debt was $3.1T when Reagan was in his last year in office. At the time, I thought this was a HUGE amount. Well it was. Then when G. Bush (43) took office, the debt was $5.7T. I thought it would be impossible to climb out of that.

    Bring back the good old days 🙂

    Thans, Kevin, for the reminder. I left the GOP in Dec of 2006 for the Constitution Party. America will be better off when the Libertarians and the Constitutionalists are gaining the victories in most elections.

  19. The people of Colorado have not been represented for some time and even though it won’t happen this November for Colorado (sleeper),

    = That’s why they need to elect Tancredo.

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  21. #22 Reagan – Bush I in 1982-1992 began the serious Deficit ROT in the regime — continued by Bush II and Obama in 2001-2010.

    All supported by the EVIL Donkeys/Elephants in the gerrymander Congress.

    At some point even MORON foreigners will detect the GIANT govt debts in the U.S.A. / State / local regimes in the U.S.A. — and pull the economic plug.

  22. So what? All that will happen is that the Constitution Party will have its moment in the sun and then fade off into the sunset. The evidence:

    When will the usual suspects realize that ballot access is a senseless fixation under the first-past-the-post system? If you want to attack the duopoly effectively you have to enact PR and approval voting at the state level.

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