North Carolina Counties Using iVotronic Vote-Counting Machines Must Tell Each Voter to Double-Check Machine Accuracy

On Friday, October 29, the state chair of the North Carolina Republican Party filed a lawsuit against the North Carolina State Board of Elections, complaining about the accuracy of the iVotronic vote-counting machines that are used in 35 counties.  The lawsuit is Fetzer v Bartlett, U.S. District Court, eastern district, 4:10cv-158-H.

On Saturday, October 30, a hearing was held, and the parties settled.  The State Board of Elections promises to instruct all polling place officials to orally tell each voter to read a sign, titled “Voter Alert.”  The sign says, “Touchscreen voting machines are sensitive.  A summary page will appear at the end of your ballot so you can review the choices selected.  CAREFULLY (underlined and in bold print) review your ballot to make sure your vote is accurately cast.”

Also, the Board has instructed all local election officials to preserve all programming materials, records and audit logs from the iVotronic machines.

The Democratic Party has the top line on all North Carolina ballots.  This is because of a state law that says parties with at least 5% of the voter registration are put on the ballot in alphabetical order.  Because only the Democratic and Republican Parties have 5% of the voter registration, and because “D” comes before “R” in the alphabet, this means that all North Carolina ballots always have the Democrats at the top, and Republicans are on the second line.  If a voter intends to vote for Republicans, and touches the touch-screen in the area between the Democratic and Republican lines, the machine interprets that as a vote for the party on the top line, even though that voter intended the party on the second line.


North Carolina Counties Using iVotronic Vote-Counting Machines Must Tell Each Voter to Double-Check Machine Accuracy — 4 Comments

  1. Perhaps all Elephants should obviously change to be the AAardvark Party.

    – and stimulate the economy with new AAardvark logos.

    Do the MORON machines have a LARGE box next to each party name or candidate for the voter to touch – with an X in the box after being touched ???

    How EVIL INSANE CORRUPT is E-voting from Hell — due to EVIL ARROGANT E-Voting DEVILS from Hell ???

    What is the cost of a DEVIL E-voting touch system versus paper ballots and scanners ???

  2. The Mid-Atlantic Super-state Parliament Circuit #4
    Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina

    Mary Arnold [Info. Not Avail.], Daniel Roy Barnett [Pot], Alex Adams [Legalize Marijuana], Pot_Homie996 [Pot], Weed Killer [Democratic], Christopher Kron [Labor], Stephen Smith [Libertarian], Mark Smith [Commonwealth], Lissa [For], Matt Lemmons [United Socialism], Rhys Scarlett [United Socialism], Thomas Hill [Free Will], David Morris [Libertarian], Joe [Info. Not Avail.], Zabie Sharify [Pot], Christina Leigh [Info. Not Avail.], Anonymous [Pot] and Dylan Robson [Free Parliamentary]

  3. How many states are like North Carolina — and Michigan — in giving the top listing to one party or one candidate on all ballots?

    In Michigan, candidates (in partisan general elections, at least) are listed in the order of their parties’ finish in the preceding Secretary of State election. Or, to quote the statute — MCL 168.703:

    The ticket of the party having the greatest
    number of votes in the state at the last
    election in which a secretary of state was
    elected, as shown by the votes cast thereat
    for secretary of state, shall be placed
    first on the ballot, the position of other
    party tickets to be governed relatively by
    the same rule.

    Parties that were on the ballot at the time of the preceding Secretary of State election but did not have a candidate for Secretary of State are placed behind all those that did have a candidate in that race, in the order of the vote totals of their “principal candidates” (top vote-getters). And parties that weren’t automatically qualified to be on the ballot but got on by petition are placed in the order of when their petitions were found sufficient. (I think — at least, the US Taxpayers Party was listed ahead of the Greens in 2000, and I think that’s why.)

  4. How many DUMMY/MORON voters automatically vote for the top party or top candidate for each office on the ballots ???

    How many Aaron Aardvark candidates can there be ???

    Apologies to Ms. Aardvark where ever she is.

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