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Lawsuit Filed to Stop Card Drawing to Determine Identity of Next Eureka County, Nevada Clerk

Published on December 3, 2010, by in General.

December 3 had been the expected date for Eureka County (Nevada) to hold a card drawing, to settle the tie vote for County Clerk.  However, the incumbent County Clerk, Jackie Berg, filed a lawsuit earlier that day to stop the card drawing.  The case is Berg v Wright, filed in Eureka County District Court.

Berg was elected as the nominee of the Independent American Party in 2006, and she ran for re-election this year as that party’s nominee.  Thanks to Cody Quirk for this news.  In this year’s election, the original count showed Berg defeating her only opponent, the Republican nominee, by 3 votes.  After a recount, the vote was tied.

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  1. Cody Quirk

    Looks like the IAP is going to have its own little ‘Florida Recount’ moment.

    But I trust Jackie, and if there’s something fishy about the card drawing and her opponent, then injustice should not prevail!

  2. An Alabama Independent

    Elections should not be decided by “chance.” If there actually was a tie of all legitimate votes cast, the only fair thing to do is have a “re-run” of the two candidates. This time voters will not be influenced by “voting a straight ticket” but will decide who among these two candidates is best qualified. Yes, it will cost the taxpayers to hold a special election, but the cost of free and open elections has no real price tag.

  3. Florida Conservative

    Why isn’t there a run-off election?

  4. Richard

    No state provides for a run-off after a partisan general election, other than Georgia and (in a sense) Louisiana.

  5. Timothy Yung

    Maybe there should be a Texico Hold’em tournament.

  6. Demo Rep

    Will SCOTUS intervene — with another Bush v. Gore 2000 type opinion ???

    OR — have the MORONS go on a NV western town street and have a shootout ???

    Living MORON takes office ???

    How many folks in wonderful Eureka Co — more than 100 ???- to watch the MORONS do their shootout show for the Internet ???

  7. There should just be a run-off election if the votes are tied between the two major candidates…An Alabama Independent is completely correct.

  8. Casual Bystander

    How about a duel? If one decides not to participate then he/she loses! What a concept!

  9. Cody Quirk

    If nothing can’t get resolved, then we minus well have a new election.

  10. Eureka Native

    Jackie Berg cheated this whole election.Even though she was up for election,she personally handled all the ballots without supervision. She accepted e-mail and faxed ballots as well as ballots known to be from out of the county. If she wins the card draw, she will face a recall election in the near future.

  11. Cody Quirk

    Got the proof to back up your insertions?

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