Outgoing Democratic Congressman Calls for an Independent Party for Alabama

Artur Davis, a member of the U.S. House from Alabama who did not run for re-election this year, has this op-ed in the Montgomery Advertiser, saying Alabama needs a new “independent party” to take control of state government.  Davis is a Democrat.  Thanks to ThirdPartyWatch for the link.

Alabama laws are so hostile to minor party and independent candidates, Alabama is one of only five states that had a Democratic-Republican monopoly on the November 2010 ballot.  The others were Washington, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and New Mexico.

No group or candidate has completed the 3% (of the last gubernatorial vote) for statewide Alabama office since 2000.  The 3% law has been in effect continuously since 1998.  Presidential independent candidates need not comply with the 3% petition, but get on the ballot with 5,000 signatures.


Outgoing Democratic Congressman Calls for an Independent Party for Alabama — 9 Comments

  1. Artur Davis, who is black, lost the 2010 Democratic primary for governor. His campaign manager was Jere Beasley, a former lieutenant governor who is white.

    The “top two” was a major factor in the Democratic-Republican monopoly in Washington state.

  2. If Artur Davis’ idea of an independent party in Alabama is one which embraces Abortion Rights, Gay Marriage, and refusing to recognize we still have enemies abroad such as China and the terrorists, then I’m not interesting in helping him with such.

    If he is serious about building a real POPULIST style party, based on traditional American values, then I’m willing to help him. But I’m not going to waste my time with supporting a “closet Democratic” party or a “closet Republican” party.

  3. WA State had about 6 non-Donkeys/Elephants on the ballots for WA State Reps — even with the top 2 primary.

  4. Populism stinks. Give me libertarianism any day.

    How about if he opposed gov’t funding of abortion, and the removal of gov’t from marriage.

    Our very Foreign Policy is what drives the militancy abroad and the future bankruptcy of this nation. A complete slap in the face of our founding fathers.

  5. TO ROLLTIDE says: Libertarianism is nothing but another way of saying “let the wealthy rule” and “to hell” with those who get trombled on in the process.

    Populism cares about the people. Libertarians are “lap dogs” for rich Republicans.

  6. “The Wealthy” are the ones that create new businesses (and jobs). Libertarianism pushes for meritocracy, something that Jefferson envisioned for America. Work hard and reap the majority of the fruit of your labor. No room for classism and folks are responsible for their own actions.

    Populism is another guise for gov’t fascism, no better than left-wing socialism.

  7. #5-#7 Econ 0000000001

    Savings [Persons + Business + Govt + Foreign]= Investment [Private and Govt]

    Business Savings = mainly Depreciation plus Corp. retained profits [IF any]

    Gee — Where do *Savings* come from — outer space ???

    Gee — What does NEGATIVE Govt Savings [aka govt DEFICITS] do in EVERY economy ???

    See the dead ex- U.S.S.R. 1917-1991.
    P.R. and App.V.

  8. When are they going to investigate Senator Tripp Pittman and his crooked partners for stealing millions in BP Grant Money twice. They pull up and haul off people (Dem)for questions about Bingo votes and this thief has this money in his account. Has anybody called the state ethics commission to start investigating with all these new ethics violations rules or was all that for just Republican show boating !! Call in the Feds like they did on us. Do Something !!

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