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Honolulu Candidate Elected to City Council with only 18.49% of Total Vote

Published on December 30, 2010, by in General.

On December 29, Honolulu held a special non-partisan election to fill a vacant city council seat.  Fourteen candidates ran.  There is no provision for any run-off.  The winner, Tom Berg, won with only 18.49% of the vote.  See here for the election returns.  Thanks to Brandon Henderson for the link.

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  1. Demo Rep

    Candidate/incumbent rank order replacement lists.

    NO more low turnout vacancy elections.

    What if there another 7 Dec 1941 type attack on HI ???

  2. Demo Rep

    VERY sorry – I type much too quick.

    What if there is another 7 Dec 1941 type attack on HI ???

  3. icr

    They did somewhat better-at least in term of the winner’s percentage-with the statewide judicial election in NC using IRV/AV/RCV:
    48 days after the election, instant runoff voting produced a “winner” for the NC Court of Appeals, for the “Wynn”seat. Thanks to IRV, an experimental tallying method was used, the election was almost a tie, a recount was called for, and we had a plurality result, not a majority win.

    The declared winner won with 28% of votes from all ballots cast on election day. We do not know how many 2nd and 3rd choice votes each candidate got, as this data was not released to the public.

    After the first round votes were tallied. the race became a “top two” election and all the rest of the 13 candidates were eliminated:
    The top 2 candidates advanced to a runoff. The ballots were counted based on whether they ranked Thigpen or McCullough higher. 45% of those who voted in the Court of Appeals races voted for neither. 2nd and 3rd choice votes for Thigpen & McCullough were added, erasing Thigpen’s 100,000 vote lead and putting McCullough about 6,500 votes ahead.

    With IRV votes tallied, McCullough won with 28% of all voters’ ballots cast on election day.

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