Helsinki Accords Group Issues Report on U.S. 2010 Election

The group that monitors elections for the Helsinki Accords has issued a report on the 2010 election in the United States. See it here. It includes 27 pages of text. International human rights observers tend to notice deficiencies in U.S. ballot access laws during presidential election years, but they tend to miss it in mid-term years. The report says nothing about ballot access laws. However, it criticizes the U.S. for failing to give voting representatives in Congress to citizens who live in the District of Columbia and the overseas possessions. It also criticizes the U.S. for disenfranchising felons in almost all states, and ex-felons in many states. And, it criticizes the many instancees when minor party and independent candidates were excluded from general election debates. Thanks to law professor Jurij Toplak of Slovenia for the link.


Helsinki Accords Group Issues Report on U.S. 2010 Election — No Comments

  1. How soon before the many foreign regimes with P.R. (i.e. some attempt at REAL Democracy) declare the U.S.A. to be an ANTI-Democracy terrorist regime — due to the UNEQUAL ballot access laws, ANTI-Democracy gerrymanders, etc. etc. ???

    See the attacks by the *democratic* barbarian tribes against the EVIL Roman Empire monarchy/oligarchy in the AD 400s — DOOM for the RE in 476 A.D. — Dark Age for about 1000 years.

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