New York Credico Case Moves Forward

The pending federal lawsuit against New York state’s discriminatory policy on fusion is beginning to move ahead. The case is Credico v New York State Board of Elections, in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, cv10-4555. In 2010, Randy Credico was the U.S. Senate nominee of both the Libertarian Party, and the Anti-Prohibition Party. New York state refused to list him twice on the ballot, even though New York state listed many other candidates of the nominees of two, or three, or sometimes even four, parties. New York won’t list someone twice if he or she is the nominee of two unqualified parties.

On January 28, the state answered the complaint. The briefing should be complete by the end of March. The case had not moved in three months because the state had asked for, and received, more time to file its answer.


New York Credico Case Moves Forward — No Comments

  1. the boards of election and their foreign controlled anti-american masters must be taught equal protection — one tiny step at a time.

  2. # 1 How about an updated Bush v. Gore HAMMER on the EVIL party hack robot skulls ???

    What century will NY have scanner ballots having a box for each office with the various candidates and various labels ???

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